EGOV4Ukraine facilitates Ukraine’s digital transformation

How would today’s crisis change our perception of the world and views of certain processes? These points are actively discussed today. At this moment, one can hardly tell something for sure – we shall see it later. However, there is one special area which obviously needs a more careful approach even today, because of the pandemic. Read more

Launch of public services portal Diia designed using EGOV4Ukraine funds

27 public online services are already available on the government portal Diia, in particular, registering a sole proprietorship, filing changes in constitutional documents, changing the area of activity and closing a sole proprietorship, procuring a statement of the absence of criminal record, applying for a childbirth benefit or monthly reimbursement of childcare services for children under three years of age. You can file a lawsuit, register a motor vehicle or receive driver’s license-related services, apply for a number of licenses and permits, and receive abstracts from public registers. Read more

EGOV4Ukraine team leader on importance of e-governance in Ukraine amidst pandemic

“The nation in a smartphone” has already become a reality, people in Ukraine are now joking sometimes. The involuntary self-isolation of millions of people has drastically increased the significance of the Internet and everything that can be done online, from information search and shopping to the handling of business matters or things involving interaction with public authorities. Read more