EU provides Toretsk district with mobile ASC

Recently, the Toretsk community has received a new mobile ASC. Now residents of remote villages in Toretsk district will be able to receive administrative services close to their homes. The car resembles a small office, where there are two desks for administrators and all the necessary equipment. There are also remote workplaces for employees of the pension fund, social and other services. Read more

EU teaches displaced children football

Yuzhnyi was designated as the host of Open Football Lessons festival, a social project funded with the European Union’s support. The project’s major implementers include Association of Cross-Cultural Projects (Denmark), Ukrainian Football Association, All-Ukrainian Foundation for Protection of the Rights of the Child, Street Football World (Germany), in the partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine. Read more

EU provides IDPs with microgrants for business development

Micro grants… For some, it could sound unserious. But when your life changes so sharply and so irreversibly that you lose all “starting points” you were used to and realize that you can count only on yourself, even small help may give power and inspiration. Our today’s story is about three IDPs. They received grants from the program “Raising the level of education, employment and social integration of youths in the areas of Georgia and Ukraine affected by a conflict” (EU4Youth), implemented in the Donetsk Oblast by Danish Refugee Council – Danish Demining Group (DRC-DDG) in the partnership with Mariupol Youth Union thanks to financial support from the European Union. Read more

EU helps to develop organic business of Baranivka ATC

Baranivka ATC in Zhytomyr region is a successful example of local development. There are no large enterprises, but there are large plots of land suitable for organic cultivation of berries and fruits. An EU-funded youth cluster of organic business successfully operates in the community and helps to develop cooperatives, farms and organic production. In particular, a mini cheese factory was built in the village of Rohachiv with EU grant funding, which will give impetus to the development of family dairy farms. Read more

EBRD-EU4Business credit line provides concessional financing for business development

Vinnytsia company GPS PRO carries out satellite monitoring of transport and stationary objects. KBK Fortis from Odesa erects residential and non-residential buildings. Both companies benefited from the EBRD-EU4Business credit line to lease cars needed for business development. This helped to optimise production processes and survive the crisis caused by the effects of COVID-19. Part of the cars’ cost was reimbursed by the EU. Read more

EU4Business helps entrepreneurs overcome economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic

“To create a good facial cream, you need to be a patient wizard,” Lidia Suiarko, the founder and director of UAKrasa, begins her tale. But during the quarantine, she had to work as not only a wizardess but also a courier, accountant and sales consultant. The new challenges brought by the coronavirus-induced crisis turned her business upside down and forced her to look for new ways of interacting with customers in order to stay afloat. found out whether Ukrainian-made cosmetics can be of good quality, whether “Made in Ukraine” trend is still in fashion, and how to run one’s business in the time of crisis. Read more

EU helps to tell history of Ostroh in modern way

Today, we will tell you about Windows of Stories – one of the projects which the team of The Ostrogski Princes Brotherhood civil society organization was able to implement in the difficult year 2020. Today, the tranquil Polish interwar period in Anastasia Pashkovska’s recollections, a tragic, difficult and deep story of Josyp Halytskyi and the Ostroh Ghetto, or Anatolii Heleniuk’s warm childhood recollections about “old” Ostroh can be lived through in Ostroh thanks to modern technologies. Read more

EU funds modern opera about women imprisoned for life

The modern opera “Penita” differs from others in that it is based on true stories of four women serving life sentences in the Kachanivka correctional colony in Kharkiv. The opera draws attention to the problems of the penitentiary system of Ukraine, in particular to the absence of parole for those sentenced for life, as in European countries, and lack of correction of judicial errors. “Penita” has already been staged in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. This opera is part of the EU-funded social project “Vitally Important” under the Culture Bridges programme. Read more

EU helps to adapt films for people with visual and hearing impairments

When you ask yourself a question about how to spend an eventful evening, one of the options is to watch a movie. You can go to a movie theater, or make popcorn yourself and watch a movie at home. Nothing could be simpler, or so it seems. However, not everyone has equal access to viewing films or serials. Persons with visual or hearing impairments often cannot visit movie theaters, because these theaters do not have special film adaptation equipment. Thanks to Accessible Films initiative and the latest technologies, it became possible for these people (to) see and (to) hear what previously had been unavailable to them. Read more

EU4Youth helps entrepreneur from front-line Marinka to expand quail farm

Until 2014, Yurii Shamrai from Marinka did not even know about the existence of quails. After the outbreak of the armed conflict, he lost his job and began looking for business ideas. Over time, Yurii and his father began to breed quails for sale. They started with a foam incubator for 170 eggs. However, the homemade equipment used to break and did not provide a stable temperature and humidity. Thanks to a grant from the EU EU4Youth project, the entrepreneur purchased a modern and easy-to-operate automatic incubator for 3,000 eggs and plans to develop the business further, as the demand for products is growing. Read more

EU supports photo exhibition about schools in eastern Ukraine

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, more than 750 schools have been damaged or destroyed, and dozens of children and teachers have been affected by the shellings. Every day, 670,000 children have to make extra efforts to pursue their studies in the areas near the demarcation line. Their stories formed the basis of the photo exhibition “Schools as a territory of peace for children”. Read more

EU project helps Hutsul cow bryndza get geographical indication

Hutsul cow bryndza (cheese) has recently received a geographical indication. From now on, to get this name, the product must be made from the milk of cows of only two breeds from the highlands at an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level. This will help preserve the almost 500-year-old tradition of production, promote the cheese on the market and guarantee its quality. Read more

EU funds project aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes in military

Going by her life principle: “Do everything you can with what you have and where you are”, Sergeant Khrystyna Boichuk, a cadet at the humanities faculty, has for the sixth year of her study at the National Guard Academy been conveying her stance, multiplied by modern and creative approach and experience in military service. This way, step by step, the cadet proves once again that it’s quite possible to implement changes if you believe in yourself and receive support from like-minded persons. And recently, Khrystyna brought another good news, winning a grant for implementation of her original mentorship project, #ТІЩОЗМОГЛИ (#THOSEWHOCOULD). Read more

EU funds catalogue of authentic recipes from Rivne region

Exactly one month ago, Agency for the City’s Sustainable Development CSO presented an electronic version of the culinary catalogue of traditional dishes of our land: Taste Rivne’s: Authentic Dishes and Beverages, which was developed as part of the international project “Cultural heritage of cuisine: promoting culinary traditions by professionalizing the gastronomic offer of Lublin and Rivne” with financial support from the European Union under Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 transborder cooperation program.

Read more

EU helps Ukraine increase enforcement of judgements

The reforms which Ukraine committed itself to in exchange for the EU’s macro-financial assistance include permitting private enforces to collect debt under small (up to 100,000 hryvnias) claims against public bodies and state enterprises. For the first time in history of Ukraine, a representative of an independent private profession will be able to act against the state, using powers delegated to them by the state itself and compelling the government to fulfil its contractual and other financial obligations to any natural or legal person. Read more

EU reveals secrets of Black Sea

The Black Sea is among the oldest ones on the planet. Due to the low level of salinity and the relatively cold climate, it is inhabited by half as many living organisms as in the neighbouring southern seas – 5,600 species. There are more than 200 species of fish, including spiny dogfish and rays, dolphins and 30 species of jellyfish. Find out more interesting facts from the book “Secrets of the Black Sea”, which was published with the support of the EU-UNDP project “Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea: Special Measures” (EMBLAS-Plus). Read more

EU funds exhibition about interwar architecture in Rivne

An exhibition was opened in Rivne to convey information to the city’s residents about buildings in the city of the interwar period. The organizers say that they tried to present the most interesting, from the standpoint of architectural stylistics, buildings of the 1920s-1930s which survived in the urban landscape. The exhibition was presented on Saturday, 22 August in the building of the union of artists at 16 July Street.

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Creative Europe supports ARCHIKIDZ! festival for children

A city project begins with an idea, and it can be built even during a quarantine. The participants of the IV ARCHIKIDZ! All-Ukrainian Festival of Architecture for Children proved that. During 20 days of the festival, from 27 June to 23 July, they created 20 unique architectural projects. A separate team worked on each of these projects. This year, the children’s architectural festival did take place despite quarantine restrictions, but in a new format. Master classes were held off/online in a large pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (EANE), where the atmosphere of creativity and inspiration reigned every day. Read more

EU supports Ukraine in fight against misinformation

Disinformation is not an uncommon occurrence happening only in Ukraine. For decades, the fight against false information continues at national and supranational levels all over the world. How do the European Union on the whole and its particular member states, such as Lithuania, Germany and France, combat disinformation? How can Ukraine benefit from NATO’s communication strategy? What valuable lessons could be learned from Facebook? The fourth nationwide forum “Independent courts and free media: combating disinformation”, held at the initiative of the Higher Council of Justice with the support from the EU’s project Pravo-Justice, discussed Ukrainian and international experience in combating false information. Read more

EU4Business trains Ukrainian producers to move forward during pandemic

Together with the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, we continue a special project concerning the opportunities provided by the EU to small and medium-sized enterprises under EU4Business initiative to tackle the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article will tell you how one of the Centers for Information Support to Businesses, created in Ukraine under EU4Business initiative with the support from EBRD, helps Ukrainian manufacturers tackle the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Read more

EIB Resident Representation head on bank’s activities in Ukraine

This year, the European Investment Bank, the EU bank, plans to provide Ukraine with more than EUR 1 billion in loans for infrastructure projects, energy efficiency in state and municipal buildings, and support for internally displaced persons and their host communities. The EIB in Ukraine is also actively working to finance healthcare, small and medium-sized businesses. Find out more from the interview with Jean-Erik de Zagon, Head of the EIB Resident Representation for Ukraine. Read more

EU supports development of Kreminna town in Luhansk region

Fifty kilometers of new water pipes, reconstruction of a pumping station, a pump room with drinking water, new sidewalks and roads are the outcome of an EU grant project in Kreminna, Luhansk region. In addition, the EU and UNDP helped to purchase furniture, equipment and software for the local ASC, as well as donated a mobile ASC to promptly provide quality administrative and social services to the locals.  Read more