EU diplomat: Ukraine’s public administration needs new talent

The reform of Ukraine’s public service is one of the most important parts of the country’s on-going transformation. It is difficult to have economic and social systems working efficiently without a modern and competent civil service. Ukraine’s system of public administration, however, has many obsolete structures and functions, and extremely low salaries make the public service uncompetitive as an employer on the national labour market.  Read more

Expert: Ukraine needs 20-25 years to implement its decentralization

Ukraine declares decentralization to be one of its priorities and budgets transfer from central authorities to local administrations is it main challenge for years. The U-Lead helps the government to implement this ambitious and complicated reform based on the positive experience of the European Union. It is to provide 600 trainings and counselling services for state administrations on different levels. Also it develops such support mechanisms as Central reform Office, CNAPs and Local Self-Government Centres. Read more