EU provides grant to iDPs from Luhansk for making wooden products

The first thing that Yurii asked to bring him to Kyiv from the occupied Luhansk was an old woodworking machine.

– Everyone wondered why i need it, and besides in a one-room rented apartment, he recalls.

Yurii Ovsianko and his family moved to Kyiv in 2014: his eldest daughter was 3 years old at that time, and his wife Olha was pregnant with twins. Read more


A small but legendary business: why people are queuing for dresses from a Berdiansk tailoress

Natalia Solovian has three daughters: the eldest takes contemporary dance classes, the middle one loves oriental dance, and the youngest does rhythmic gymnastics.

And all three need costumes.

The mom makes costumes for all of them.

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How IDP gets EU grant for mobile coffee shop

Mykyta Kurylko is 25 years old. In 2014, he moved from Luhansk to Zaporizhzia. To provide for his family, Mykyta began selling coffee in a coffee shop attached to a bicycle at concerts, forums and fairs. In 2018, the entrepreneur won at the investment fair of the EU project “Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Civic Engagement” and received a grant for the development of his business. Read more