EU helps to demine Ukraine’s east

The beginning of spring is not only about flowering trees and the start of fieldwork in gardens across the country. Spring also heralds the start of demining work in the Donbas. Ukrinform asked Danish Demining Group (DDG), a nongovernmental organization and one of the key participants in demining effort, about technical aspects of this process and whether Ukrainian legislation governing this area is sophisticated enough. Read more

EU4Youth grant helps entrepreneur from frontline Mariinka expand quail farm

Before the outbreak of the armed conflict, Yuri lived in Mariinka and worked in Donetsk, but after the fighting started, he had to quit the job and leave for a while. Yuri did not want to leave his native city for good, though, but finding a job was all but impossible, so the young man began to think about how to set up a business that could put food on the table for his family. Read more

EU allocates EUR 9.5 mln for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine’s east

The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises want to receive money to buy agricultural machinery. FinancEast, a program for which the European Union allocated 9.5 million euros to provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Ukrainian government-controlled territory of the Donbas, was launched on 19 December 2019. Even back then, some players were saying that the available funds will last for only a few months. Read more