Pravo-Justice project experts on e-justice in EU

Quarantine measures have changed the mode of operation for each area of activity, justice being no exception. How does e-litigation work in Ukraine? How is it different from e-court in Poland? Why is there no need to identify a person during online meetings in Sweden? Is it true that in Germany fax is considered to be an element of e-justice? International experts of EU Project Pravo-Justice discussed the specifics of e-justice at the webinar “Remote administration of justice”. Read more

EU supports winemaking in Zakarpattia

Climate of the Transcarpathian region is extremely favorable for winegrowing and winemaking. The Carpathian Mountains protect the region against cold Arctic air coming from north, and that’s why grapes have long been cultivated in the Transcarpathian region. Local families have been doing that for years: one can find as many as 40 wine cellars in one street. Despite the prohibition of private entrepreneurship by Soviet authorities and dry law, the locals were able to preserve their traditions, which are now being gradually restored. This story tells about Nota Bene, Chizay, Ursta and Paraska family wineries. Read more