EU funds anti-corruption computer game

The National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) launched an interactive computer game titled “Investigation conducted by the NABU”. More than 2100 persons have already tried themselves in the role of a detective.It took the Bureau’s experts four months to develop the anticorruption game jointly with EdEra educational project and with the support from the EU Anticorruption Initiative, the NABU Press Service reported.

So now, everyone can try themselves as an investigator of corruption cases and bring them to court. However, the NABU did not reveal how much money they spent themselves on that game.

“The purpose of this project is to promote zero tolerance of corruption… Try yourself as a real detective. See for yourself whether you’ll be able to bring the case to court,” Svitlana Olifira, NABU Press Secretary, says in the promotional video.

The game offers players to try themselves in solving complex corruption schemes. It has nine levels which correspond to nine phases of pretrial investigation. The game also comes with 18 training videos.

What you can do in this game:

  • interrogate a high-ranking official,
  • plan the search of a state enterprise,
  • visit a court hearing,
  • bring the case to court,
  • other.
image (1)
The game consists of nine levels showing nine phases of NABU investigations / Screenshot

How to start the game

To play the game, visit the NABU website, select “Open an office” from the menu and click on “Training platform” section.

image (2)
How to start the NABU game / Screenshot

Author: Kateryna Kozachynska

Source: 24TV.UA