EU4Youth grant helps entrepreneur from frontline Mariinka expand quail farm

Before the outbreak of the armed conflict, Yuri lived in Mariinka and worked in Donetsk, but after the fighting started, he had to quit the job and leave for a while. Yuri did not want to leave his native city for good, though, but finding a job was all but impossible, so the young man began to think about how to set up a business that could put food on the table for his family.

Yuri’s brother was breeding quails, but only for himself. Inspired by the idea, Yuri decided to give it a try, too. Having reequipped his summer kitchen and prepared birdcages, he found feed suppliers and bought a small incubator and the first quails.

5e804e603b0ccIt was difficult in the beginning, but the first batch was followed by second, third and fourth. Soon, Yuri set up sales. The demand continued to grow, and therefore, Yuri could expand his business and buy more incubators. The homemade ones would not work, because quails needed constant temperature and air humidity.

That was when Yuri decided to participate in #EU4Youth project and received a business development grant. It allowed him to buy a new, quality incubator for 1000 eggs. “Much more fledglings were hatching in it, and consequently, Yuri’s sales and profit have increased. But the demand was not decreasing, either, but only rising! Therefore, the man’s nearest plans are to build an additional facility,” the press release says.

5e804e606a9f4Every day, Yuri’s alarm clock rings at 5 in the morning. No matter what day of the week it is or what the weather is like, he gets up and goes to the aviary where 5,500 quails are waiting for him. He must clean the cages, examine all birds, check the incubators, feed the birds, pour fresh water in and reseat the newly-hatched fledglings.

Source: Donetsk News