EU allocates EUR 900,000 for development of relocated Luhansk Medical University

Today, we will talk about development of internally displaced universities, and in particular, about a very important project recently signed by the administration of Luhansk State Medical University and the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

1The grant which the university received will significantly improve the institution’s material and technical base and make a substantial effect on the life and leisure of its students. We will also talk about the accomplishments of 2019 and the hopes for the New Year 2020.

There is not a single person or institution in Ukraine unaffected by the War in Donbas. The war brought upon us by an aggressor Russia. Almost two million IDPs who are, in fact, refugees fleeing this damned war.

2Among the internally displaced universities is Luhansk State Medical University (LSMU), which after the outbreak of hostilities relocated to Rubizhne.

Rubizhne became the new home for the Luhansk university, but the choice of Rubizhne for the university’s location also has positive effect on socioeconomic and cultural life of the local townsfolk. It’s a two-way road: the university rejuvenates the city! Rubizhne is a university town that becomes younger!

Among the university’s staff are Meritorious Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine and Meritorious Physicians of Ukraine.

Scientific schools have been created, working in contemporary fields of medicine and conducting important research into ecology of the Donbas and public health in the Luhansk Oblast.

5Students gain work experience at medical institutions of the Luhansk Oblast, first of all, noncommercial Rubizhne Central City Hospital. This, by the way, is another upside of the study, for preparing doctors without a proper basis and conducting medical classes remotely is simply impossible.

An important event that took place on the eve of the New Year and Orthodox Christmas season will undoubtedly boost further development of the university’s material and technical base, help expand international cooperation and improve the preparation of specialists and scientific research.

A grant agreement was recently signed between LSMU and the EU Delegation to Ukraine within the framework of the Project of Supporting Restoration and Development of Luhansk State Medical University.

On 18 December 2019, the university welcomed honorable visitors from the EU Delegation to Ukraine. The delegation of European diplomats was headed by Doctor Annika Weidemann, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

7Other visitors included Stanislaw Topolnitski, Head of EU Support for Eastern Ukraine Program, and Piet Blonde, Political Advisor at European External Action Service – EU Delegation Ukraine. The main purpose of their visit to Rubizhne was to learn about our university and sign a grant agreement. On behalf of LSMU, the agreement was signed by the university’s rector, Professor Ihor Ioffe.

Mrs. Annika Weidemann told us that under this grant agreement, the university will receive funding from the European Union to finance the three-year Project of Supporting Restoration and Development of Luhansk State Medical University.

Everything has begun a year ago, when the EU Delegation to Ukraine announced a contest of projects “EU’s support to relocated higher education institutions in Eastern Ukraine” and the LSMU’s project won the contest.

9As the university’s representatives told us, their project was prepared on the basis of the university’s development strategy to accommodate the needs of today’s medical and pharmaceutical education. The main vector of activity under this project is cooperation with EU states on harmonization of education.

To facilitate the university’s educational and research activities, modern equipment is going to be installed in its auditoriums, rooms and research laboratory. In addition, substantial funds were allocated for development of student self-government.

Our interlocutor is Ihor Volodymyrovych Ioffe, LSMU Rector, Doctor of Sciences in Medicine, Professor, Meritorious Physician of Ukraine.

In the past, the building located in Rubizhne at vul. Budivelnykiv 39 housed a vocational school which prepared culinary specialists.

Years went by; the building fell into a state of disrepair and became unsuitable for educational purposes.

The local council decided to give the building to the university, and that’s when the miracles started! The edifice underwent a major renovation literally before our eyes, and new auditoriums, classrooms and a library were equipped according to modern standards.

It is worth noting that among today’s students, there are young men and women from Western and central Ukraine and even from other countries who came to Rubizhne to study.

And it is especially important to stress that students from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine also were not left without attention.

The university has Donbas-Ukraine educational center helping this category of enrollees. Luhansk State Medical University became alma mater for all students!

By Volodymyr Sydorenko

Source: Parallel Media