Сheaper fertilizers and fruit for the Ukrainians: Changes to come with the deregulation of the agricultural sector

In early November, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is expected to consider a draft law on deregulation in the agricultural sector. The legislation is especially important in light of the impending establishment of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, which will accompany the EU-Ukraine Association agreement entering into force on January 1, 2016. Read more

Discussion between the EU, Ukraine and Russia does not concern the content of the Association Agreement

Jocelyn Guitton, the trade affairs manager of the EU Delegation to Ukraine does not believe that the potential introduction of a Russian embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products beginning January 1, 2016 will have a dramatic impact on the Ukrainian economy. This is because agricultural exports to Russia account for only 3% of total Ukrainian trade. Read more

The Path to a Visa-Free Regime has become more complicated, but Ukraine is showing its decision once again

On Monday 19 October the National reform council discussed the implementation of criteria required for EU granting visa-free regime for Ukraine. President Poroshenko called on the government and the parliament to take all the steps, foreseen by the Action plan on visa liberalization. He as well emphasized that the MFA of Ukraine should provide relevant information to the European Commission by November 9. Read more

A new law aims at the Europeanisation of Ukrainian gas market. What could hamper this progress?

On October 1, Ukraine’s new law on the natural gas market entered into force. The law is one element of Ukraine’s obligations to harmonise national legislation with the EU’s Third Energy Package. Specifically, the law addresses the implementation of the European Parliament and Council’s Directive 2009/73/EU concerning common rules for the domestic natural gas market, and Regulation 715/2009 on conditions for access to natural gas transmission networks. How will Ukrainian consumers benefit from this legislation, and what are the challenges facing its implementation? We asked the experts. Read more

“Development of the strategy is only 20% of the reform. The remaining 80% will come from efficient implementation”

The Strategy for agriculture and rural development in Ukraine 2015-2020 was developed jointly by international and national agricultural experts together with representatives of Ukrainian ministries, civil society, businesses and donor organisations. The Ministry of agricultural policy has passed the strategy to the National Reforms Council, which will adopt it in the nearest future. To find out when it will be implemented and what it will change we talked to Oleg Samus, head of the coordination team of the  strategy. Read more

The EU Helps Defend the Rights of IDPs

Yulia Shmatchenko, a former citizen of Luhansk, has lived in Kharkiv for more than a year now. She is a journalist and works for a local newspaper. “Do internally-displaced persons have this right?” – Yulia wonders ironically if she is eligible to vote during the elections to local authorities on October 25. “I either need to be registered or show an official rent agreement, but the owners of my rental flat refuse to provide it,” she says. “It turns out that I pay taxes, but I don’t have the right to vote.” Read more