How Ukrainians celebrated Europe Days 2015 – photo report

Every May, for over a decade now, Ukraine has participated in celebrating Europe Days. Ukrainian cities from east to west and north to south joined in the celebrations with a range of social events.

11015103_10202852088982549_1040884217245059798_nCitizens had the opportunity to take part in any activities they desired: from quests and flash-mobs to intellectual discussions and training sessions on applying for EU grants. Overall, this year’s Europe Days events were less about entertainment than they were about networking and information-sharing. The main theme running through all of the Europe Days discussions was the idea that Ukrainians themselves must take the initiative to spur the development of the state. At the same time, the European Union continues to support Ukrainian reforms.

Europe Days have been officially celebrated in Ukraine since 2003. According to the decree of the then Ukrainian president, Europe Days are celebrated on the third Sunday of May. In practice though, the celebrations usually span several days in May.

Take a look at these images to see how Ukrainians celebrated Europe Days 2015.