Ternopil flash mob highlights importance of building Europe in Ukraine

On October 24 2013, Ternopil joined the range of cities hosting the EU Delegation’s “Building Europe in Ukraine” information campaign10471435083_e30444c724_cCitizens took part in a flash mob called “In the Rhythm of Europe,” which they conducted in the central square of the city. The symbolic dance emphasised the importance of citizens working together toward the signature of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The event was part of the year-long information campaign being held across the country by the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

50 students from Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) took part in the flash mob. With their dance, the young people showed that a successful outcome depends on the coordinated actions of every citizen. Ukraine’s European integration can be achieved in a similar way, the flash mob suggested.

The dance was accompanied by music from different European countries united in a single song. The dancers formed symbolic figures during each piece. For example, a clock represented that the time for the upcoming Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius and the expected signature of the Association Agreement is approaching. The song, “Vse bude dobre [Everything will be fine],” which has become a slogan for EU-Ukraine relations, ended the flash mob.

10471438803_860912d2b3_cPeople did not only observe the show but also participated in the dance. “Progress in the rhythm of Europe is a goal Ukrainians should strive for,” stressed Victoria Davydova, press and information officer of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. She added that, “similarly to a dance performance, Ukraine’s European integration is possible only with joint actions of all people involved.”

Within the information campaign, TNEU students and local Euroclub activists discussed the importance of the Association Agreement with diplomats. Jan Tombiński, head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, participated in an online discussion and responded to questions. Tombiński noted that European integration was part of a success story for many other countries. “Ukraine may also share this success,” he underlined. Moreover, during a round-table discussion in the format of a video lecture, Holger Rommen, head of the contracts and finance section of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, spoke about the link between Ukrainian public finance management and EU-Ukraine cooperation. Afterwards, representatives of the EU Delegation presented educational and promotional materials to the EU Information Centre that operates in TNEU and to the Euroclubs of the city and oblast.

Representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine also met with the Executive Committee of Ternopil City Council and heads of the executive bodies of Ternopil municipality. Finally, a team from the EU Delegation visited a European Youth Parliament session, where young activists presented their ideas. There, the delegates had fruitful discussions around possibilities to extend international contacts and role of youth in European integration.

The “In the rhythm of Europe” dance flash mob is the fourth event held within the “Building Europe in Ukraine” information campaign organised by the EU Delegation to Ukraine.  The campaign includes a number of  awareness-raising activities (street events, seminars, workshops, round tables, etc.) aimed at explaining the importance of signing the association agreement, spreading European values and increasing citizens’ understanding of EU-Ukraine relations. The information campaign’s next event will be a panel discussion of opinion leaders led by ambassador Jan Tombiński. The event will take place in late November on the eve of the Vilnius summit. The experts will consider different scenarios for EU-Ukraine relations within the context of the Association Agreement. The information campaign events are open to the public.