EU ambassador clarifies timeframe for adopting visa liberalisation laws

IMG_9154At a press conference hosted on July 3 by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, Head of the Delegation, Ambassador Jan Tombiński clarified timeframe for adoption of laws needed to move to the 2nd phase of the Action Plan for Visa Liberalisation.

“The parliamentary session is still not over. It will close on Friday, and I will have my meetings with leaders of political parties before the end of the session, asking them to do what is to be done, because we are running out of time. There is missing legislation with regard to anti-discrimination law, with regard to setting some administrative agencies related to anti-corruption policy and to data protection. All these laws are linked to Visa liberalization action plan.

If these pieces of legislation are not there, then we will not have the assessment of the progress made by Ukraine. The technical procedures are the following: first, legislation needs to be adopted, then the Ukrainian government submits an assessment of what has been done to the European Commission, then the European Commission assesses this progress together with the EU Member States, and then we pass to the next phase. We planned to get all these things ready by Vilnius Eastern Partnership summit (November, 2013), but now I’m afraid that we might not be ready by Vilnius.

One thing I also wanted to stress: this is not about some conditions put by the EU. It is about mutual agreement, because it has been agreement with the Ukrainian side, and therefore it is not something which suddenly came from Brussels. Some political parties don’t exclude a possibility to hold an extra-ordinary session during the summer time. This is the question of the responsibility of Ukrainian legislators”.