Eastern Partnership Culture Programme Invites to Workshops

logo3The Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU) of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme launches a call for applications for the Cultural Policy Exchange Workshop Cycle 2013.

The workshops will focus on the elaboration and the assessment of cultural strategies and policies with the purpose of motivating cultural policy reforms.

The target group of these workshops is culture actors and stakeholders from authorities, public and private cultural institutions and civil society of the Eastern Partnership countries.

The current Workshop Cycle 2013 is one of two Culture Policy Exchange Workshop Cycles planned until 2014: Workshop Cycle 2013 is scheduled within the period April – October 2013; Workshop Cycle 2014 is planned for the period February – June 2014 (a new call for applications to participate in Workshop Cycle 2014 will be launched in autumn 2013).

More specifically the two Workshop Cycles will aim at:

  • Promoting policy reform and modernization at government level (national and local), capacity building of cultural organizations, and “professionalization” of the culture sector in the partner countries;
  • Contributing to exchange of information, experience, and best practices among culture actors at regional level and with the EU;
  • Supporting networking of regional initiatives and partnerships, which demonstrate the positive contributions of culture to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and inter-cultural dialogue.

In order to apply to the Workshop Cycle 2013 you should submit via e-mail WS2013@euroeastculture.eu the following documents:

  1. Application form and CV (the form of these documents could be downloaded here);
  2. Project description (the form of this document could be reached here).

Two working languages will be used during the training – English and Russian. Nevertheless, the documents of the application package must be submitted in English.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31 January.

Should you have any questions, after having studied the information and rules contained under the links below, please contact Mrs. Tetiana Biletska, the RMCBU Capacity Building Expert at tetiana.biletska@euroeastculture.eu.

The Eastern Partnership Culture Programme aims at assisting the Partner Countries in their cultural policy reform at government level, as well as capacity building and improving professionalism of cultural operators in the region. The Programme seeks to support regional initiatives which demonstrate positive cultural contributions to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue. The Programme’s budget is worth EUR 12 million.


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