EU-Ukraine cooperation: key events in October, 2012

Jan Tombinski, EU Ambassador to Ukraine

The first press conference held by Jan Tombiński, the new Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, conferences on public procurement and TEMPUS in Kyiv, and the participation of EU observers in an international mission observing the Ukrainian election have been key EU-Ukraine cooperation events in October.

Below, see the highlights of these events and click for the full stories.


Ambassador Jan Tombiński: “We have to create citizens, not only voters”

The Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Jan Tombiński, held his first press conference with Ukrainian journalists on 16 October, calling  “to create citizens, not only voters.” Read more

MEP Pawel Kowal, head of the EP’s election observation mission, at a Ukrainian polling station

EU observers monitored Ukrainian parliamentary election

EU Delegation staff members joined the 800-strong OSCE/ODIHR observation mission monitoring the Ukrainian parliamentary election. A delegation of the European Parliament that joined the mission “criticized preparations” for the election but “praised voters’ aspirations.” Read more

Nobel Peace Prize honours EU values

On 12 October 2012, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, paying tribute to “the Union and its forerunners [who] have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation.” Read more

TEMPUS Strives for Long-lasting Results

TEMPUS, the EU higher education programme, held a two-day international conference on the European integration of Ukrainian higher education on October 26 and 27 in Kyiv. EU TEMPUS Coordinator Giulia Moro noted a growing interest in the TEMPUS programme among Ukrainian universities and authorities. Read more

Andrew Rasbash, head of operations of the EU Delegation. Photo by Olexandr Bogdanov

Transparent Public Procurement for Business & Cooperation

A conference on public procurement was held in Kyiv on October 18. According to Andrew Rasbash, head of operations of the EU Delegation, “transparent public procurement is one of the conditions for the EU to resume its budget support programme payments, worth up to €200 million.” Read more

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