EU helps to develop organic business of Baranivka ATC

Baranivka ATC in Zhytomyr region is a successful example of local development. There are no large enterprises, but there are large plots of land suitable for organic cultivation of berries and fruits. An EU-funded youth cluster of organic business successfully operates in the community and helps to develop cooperatives, farms and organic production. In particular, a mini cheese factory was built in the village of Rohachiv with EU grant funding, which will give impetus to the development of family dairy farms. Read more

New EU4DigitalUA project to contribute to digital transformation of Ukraine

A new European Union-funded project – EU4DigitalUA – was officially launched on 1 October. As we can see, its title contains the word “digital”, and therefore, it’s not hard to guess what this project is about. It will become one of the key links of international assistance in an extremely important area for Ukrainians: digital transformation. Read more

EU helps Ukraine increase enforcement of judgements

The reforms which Ukraine committed itself to in exchange for the EU’s macro-financial assistance include permitting private enforces to collect debt under small (up to 100,000 hryvnias) claims against public bodies and state enterprises. For the first time in history of Ukraine, a representative of an independent private profession will be able to act against the state, using powers delegated to them by the state itself and compelling the government to fulfil its contractual and other financial obligations to any natural or legal person. Read more

EU supports Ukraine in fight against misinformation

Disinformation is not an uncommon occurrence happening only in Ukraine. For decades, the fight against false information continues at national and supranational levels all over the world. How do the European Union on the whole and its particular member states, such as Lithuania, Germany and France, combat disinformation? How can Ukraine benefit from NATO’s communication strategy? What valuable lessons could be learned from Facebook? The fourth nationwide forum “Independent courts and free media: combating disinformation”, held at the initiative of the Higher Council of Justice with the support from the EU’s project Pravo-Justice, discussed Ukrainian and international experience in combating false information. Read more

Pravo-Justice project experts on e-justice in EU

Quarantine measures have changed the mode of operation for each area of activity, justice being no exception. How does e-litigation work in Ukraine? How is it different from e-court in Poland? Why is there no need to identify a person during online meetings in Sweden? Is it true that in Germany fax is considered to be an element of e-justice? International experts of EU Project Pravo-Justice discussed the specifics of e-justice at the webinar “Remote administration of justice”. Read more