Launch of public services portal Diia designed using EGOV4Ukraine funds

27 public online services are already available on the government portal Diia, in particular, registering a sole proprietorship, filing changes in constitutional documents, changing the area of activity and closing a sole proprietorship, procuring a statement of the absence of criminal record, applying for a childbirth benefit or monthly reimbursement of childcare services for children under three years of age. You can file a lawsuit, register a motor vehicle or receive driver’s license-related services, apply for a number of licenses and permits, and receive abstracts from public registers. Read more

EU4Youth grant helps entrepreneur from frontline Mariinka expand quail farm

Before the outbreak of the armed conflict, Yuri lived in Mariinka and worked in Donetsk, but after the fighting started, he had to quit the job and leave for a while. Yuri did not want to leave his native city for good, though, but finding a job was all but impossible, so the young man began to think about how to set up a business that could put food on the table for his family. Read more

EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine opens first educational centre for law enforcers in Odesa

The Knowledge Hub, a training center operated by the European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine and the first of its kind in the country, has opened in Odesa. The center will host joint events for EUAM’s partners in the public security sector, including the National Police, prosecution and judicial authorities, Security Service and Interior Ministry, a Radio Liberty correspondent reports. Read more

How EU supports women in business: overview of opportunities

Starting a new business is always not easy, especially if you have to take care of your home, of your children and parents, if you get support from no-one and you often have no idea where to start. There are many international programs helping women launch a business, receive education or protect their economic rights. But it often becomes difficult to find the right information. That’s why analysts from EU Neighbors East gathered all EU projects in Ukraine which can help women succeed in their own business endeavor. Read more