EU project helps to estimate shadow crops in Ukraine

EOS Crop Monitoring analysts made an estimate of the harvest gathered last year from unregistered land plots in Ukraine. The figure exceeds UAH 88.5 billion.

EOS Crop Monitoring is a satellite online service allowing to assess the actual state of arable land, see what’s growing on it and compare this data with the public cadaster map of Ukraine. The accuracy rate of this service’s analytics component is approximately 90%. It allows to use the EOS map as an instrument for basic monitoring of agricultural land, first of all, for the purpose of government control over compliance with tax and land laws.

Thanks to this service, analysts have recently discovered that 4.3 million hectares of fields are not registered in the state cadaster. The cash equivalent of the harvest gathered from these fields amounts to UAH 88.5 billion per year.

The leading regions in terms of the volume of shadow agricultural market are the Mykolaiv and Odesa Oblasts. In these two regions, undeclared cultures are grown on the total of almost 800 thousand hectares of land.

This data can be used to combat land and agricultural corruption for the benefit of both the state and ordinary citizens. In addition, this service is useful for investors and business owners, providing the necessary information for economic and financial calculations.

“Based on this information, public authorities will be able to identify, at least approximately, local violations and see the real magnitude of the agricultural sector and production turnover outside the government control. Farmers, traders, insurance agents and other players in the agricultural sector can use this service to forecast local prices for the produce and demand for agricultural machinery, fertilizers or business services,” EOS Director for Business Development Oleksandr Sakal says.

The service was developed under the Program of Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine at the World Bank’s initiative and with the financial support from the European Union. The objective of this program was to implement transparency in Ukraine’s agricultural sector as a component of reforms on the way toward European integration.

In 2018, Earth Observing Systems (EOS), a Ukrainian-American company, presented a demo version of EOS Crop Monitoring, which showed the potential of monitoring technology for three regions of Ukraine. A year later, the pilot project was scaled onto the entire territory of Ukraine. The company’s findings in Crop Monitoring project – platforms for satellite monitoring of the state of agricultural land, and a joint research by EOS in the partnership with the Space Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Space Agency – became the project’s technological basis.

The EOS Crop Monitoring map is publicly accessible on the website

By Alla Dubrovyk-Rokhova

Source: Den