EU helping to attract tourists to Nove Misto community in Lviv region

There is a mini-bakery in the village of Deshychi of  Stary Sambir district. Almost every day, children from Lviv, Skhidnytsia, Truskavets and the surrounding villages come here for creative workshops on baking bread and pastry. Children knead dough themselves, decorate and bake bread, draw pictures using flour, and have fun with animators. The mini-bakery was opened as part of the “COWBoyky: Ukrainian Wild West” project, which promotes tourism in the Nove Misto amalgamated community. The project is funded by the EU as part of the Mayors for Economic Growth initiative.

Rustling up some flour, firing up the oven, kneading good dough, baking a loaf of bread and leaving it on the windowsill to cool down… Baking master classes conducted by Svitlana Savka in Deshychi, a Boyko village in the Staryi Sambir Raion help children plunge into magical culinary fairy tale.

This is not just another master class. This is a creative bread baking process, starting from dough kneading. Children sift the flour using “magic sieves”…

Svitlana Savka says: “For children, this is a captivating process in which they aren’t always allowed to take part at home. But here, they can do everything! We all saw pictures drawn on sand. But why not on flour? Fantasy has no limits here. Medieval castles, the Great Wall of China, Egyptian pyramids, openwork tablecloths, bread on the table with wheat ears and the sun, Titanic riding the ocean waves…”

Svitlana Savka gladly shares her skills with young bakers. She is a true professional, boasting 20 years of experience in baking. Children themselves knead the dough, decorate it, bake and take the bread home. In addition, they bake other products: strudels and buns. Fruit strudels come with various fillings depending on season: berries, plums, apples and even caramelized pumpkins. As a reward for the best flour product, the schoolchildren receive baked medals. The remnants of dough are used to bake fougasse: leaves sprinkled with salt. The kids also make Saint Nicholas figures and cowboy hats from dough… The young bakers decorate every loaf of bread as they like: by adding molded flowers or sprinkling it. When the bread is ready and taken out of oven, the kids would recognize it: “Wow, that’s my bread”.


This mini bakery was created as part of CowBoyky: Ukrainian Wild West project implemented in the Staryi Sambir Raion by Nove Misto unified territorial community (UTC) in the partnership with Western Ukrainian Resource Center, Horizon OSN and Morris Group and with the financial support from the European Union as part of Mayors for Economic Growth initiative. The equipment was bought with the project’s funds.

“CowBoyky project is intended to promote development of tourism in the UTC,” Oksana Zayats, Executive Director of Western Ukrainian Resource Center, says. “We decided to launch baking master classes to make it something touristic, interactive and attracting all at the same time.”

For the first master class held in August, children from the local Nove Misto UTC and surrounding areas were invited to the CowBoyky mini bakery. That master class was a test, but as soon as the information about it and photographs were posted on Facebook, an avalanche of applications ensued. Shortly thereafter, the master classes began to gain momentum. Groups are coming from Lviv and from Skhidnytsia and Truskavets. In the beginning, there were one or two master classes per week, but now, children are coming almost every day except weekends.

While the dough is rising (for they bake bread in accordance with all technologies), children are having fun. Local animators play with them. Inventive “CowBoyky” created various attractions for different seasons and different weather to make sure that nobody is bored and that these attractions are interesting and fun for everyone. Children play entertaining games outdoors. Little ones can ride a bull, have their picture taken in the photo zone with bulls and cactuses, throw rings, shoot a slingshot, play team games.

Today, master classes in Deshychi are filled with Christmas mood. Young bakers create holiday-themed pictures from flour, featuring snowmen and winter landscapes. They bake knot-shaped Christmas buns. Very-very tasty! Want to try? Come over, then!


By Iryna Dmytriv

Source: WZ.LVIV