Access to knowledge, financing and markets: EU organizes a week of workshops and trainings for Ukrainian businesses

Exports from Ukraine to the European Union are steadily growing, and statistics prove that: US 11.2 billion during the first half of 2017 and a US 1.8 billion increase during the first half of 2018.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs have finally realized that the rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man’s own job, and started to look for financing, partnerships and cooperation options for their business. And since the EU market is large, prospective and solvent, working in that market is obviously interesting and beneficial. But unfortunately, not all Ukrainian entrepreneurs know what steps should be taken to quickly and efficiently enter the EU market.

Segodnya found out where a Ukrainian entrepreneur can receive information regarding cooperation opportunities and support offered by the European Union.

It is worth noting that the EU is also interested in doing business with Ukraine, organizing regular events that offer information to Ukrainian entrepreneurs about where to find available financing, how to comply with EU standards and how to take advantage of EU’s support for businesses.

During three months from September till November, 16 Ukrainian cities will host events held as part of the European SME Week (ESW), a pan-European campaign that aims to promote development of small and medium-sized enterprises, support entrepreneurship and provide information about EU’s support for the private sector.

ESW events will address four aspects: access to financing, access to knowledge, access to markets and business climate.

Business climate will be discussed at the specialized forums that will be held in Kyiv on 17 and 25 October. At the first forum, representatives of the government will speak about achievements of deregulation reform and the situation with business climate. During the second forum, the attendees, together with the State Employment Service and regional representative offices, will work out an action plan on development of local businesses in Ukraine’s regions.

But while the government is busy with planning and reforming, businesses can take certain real steps themselves.

Ukrainian berry producers and processers can attend trainings their French colleagues are going to conduct in Kyiv on 1 and 2 October. The trainings will explain how to enter the French market and how to prepare for and participate in exhibitions and trade fairs held in France. And after 25 October, entrepreneurs who attended these trainings would receive the chance to participate in SIAL 2018 trade fair in Paris and present their products there.

On 5 October, Kharkiv will play host to a large discussion organized by Business Together, a business publication. There, entrepreneurs from the Kharkiv Oblast could receive answers to the questions as to what to export, where and how, and where to find money to finance export development.

The workshops to be held in five cities – Ternopil, Lutsk, Kharkiv, Cherkasy and Odesa – will also offer a suggestion where to get financing for development of your business. These workshops will feature presentation of a business support program from the Ukrainian-German Fund and the EU and explanation of participation algorithm, and for additional motivation, stories of success of those who participated in this program in the past. The workshops will be held from 22 to 31 October.

In addition, the workshops will teach entrepreneurs to use innovative instruments of business and personnel management, improve services, increase sales turnovers, motive their personnel and lead them by own example, work with franchises and enter the international market. In that respect, Lviv and Chernivtsi offer the best opportunities, as workshops there will last for 16 days.

“We want the Ukrainians to be aware of the support from the EU and to take advantage of opportunities offered by our projects, including business opportunities. In the partnership with the Ukrainian government, this cooperation would result in positive changes and would improve lives of Ukrainian citizens”, Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine said.

After all, all of us – both in Europe and Ukraine – are interested in having reliable and lasting trade partners. As a result, this cooperation would produce positive changes and favorable effect on the country’s general wellbeing and economy.

The participation in all ESW events is free. For more information about ESW, visit:

The article was originally published on Segodnya (print version)