EU supports decentralization in Ukraine

Pilot Vitaliy Yaryhin established a successful business for the production of light airplanes and aerial treatment of agricultural land in the Shyroke amalgamated community in Zaporizhia district. He became an investment advisor to the head of the community, and he plans to establish a flying school here in the future.

Vitalii Yaryhin is a Kyivan. He graduated from the Naval School in then-Leningrad, and later on – from three other universities, one of which was the Kyrovohrad Airforce Academy. He became an agricultural aviation pilot and earned by providing aviation chemical services, including in the village of Shyroke.

By accepting the proposal of the hromada head, he at first registered the LLC “Chemical Aviation Technologies”, then built a special airplane shed. And now this allows producing small planes KhIAT-650. If required, up to eight such aircraft can be produced simultaneously. Six months are required to build one such aircraft. 15 specialists are working for the company.

Over the years of operation in Shyroke, the company has produced several dozens of such KhIATs, some of them have been sold abroad. None of these planes had accidents. Engine and instruments are purchased in the US, the rest is manufactured locally. Since all the aircraft components are produced in Ukraine, except for the engine, its operation is cheaper than the operation of foreign equivalents.

Company’s decision to start manufacturing light aircrafts was based on the assumption that this industry would be the most productive provided the use of agricultural aviation – fertilizers shall be applied to achieve heavy yields, and those are introduced “from the sky”. Therefore Vitalii Yaryhin advises the OTG head and the head of the local agricultural enterprise “Shyroke” on effective technologies and opportunities for increasing the harvest owned by the hromada. Private airplanes irrigate fields from time to time and, thanks to the correct irrigation, the yield of various crops increases constantly.

The civil aviation pilots are also trained here. For example, 72 pilots have been trained during the past year. In cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure, students from specialized institutions are practicing here. Currently, 39 students from different continents are studying here.

Mr. Vitalii and his associates are planning to create a specialized training institution for 40 students.

In Ukraine, the pilot training costs 15 thousand dollars over five years, and in the USA it costs about 150 thousand dollars. However, the principle of all aircrafts control is similar. Therefore, graduates of this Shyroke flight school can entirely manage almost any large plane – from Boeing to the airbus.

And I have no doubt that Vitalii Yaryhin’s dream will come true. Why not having a flight academy in Shyroke village in Zaporizhzhia oblast?

P.S. The EU supports the decentralization reform in Ukraine since 2016 via the “U-LEAD with Europe” program; the total amount planned for the support is EUR 102 million over four years (2016-2020). The reform allows local communities developing and creating a better life around.

By Zoya Kazanzhy, journalist, writer, communications advisor at E’COMM