EU launches mobile Administrative Services Centers

Almost any certificate or administrative service, for example, registration of a marriage, registration of a subsidy can be obtained in one place – the Administrative Services Centers (ASC). Here, without queues and unnecessary bureaucracy, one can not only quickly submit documents, but also get the result in time. At the end of last year mobile ASC occurred in Ukraine. They serve residents of small settlements. Segodnya found out how the decentralization and reform of administrative services that are actively supported by the European Union (EU) are changing the lives of Ukrainians.

Every Ukrainian regularly applies for administrative services. Someone needs to register a subsidy, someone has to insert a photo in a passport or register at a new place of residence – there are more than 300 types of such services in total. A few years ago, any such service was accompanied by long queues, long waiting and sometimes bribes. And the solution of this problem is a single center, where it is possible to apply to any state or city for any service, which is ASC. Since the beginning of the reform, 750 ASC have been opened, and by the end of 2018 there will be another 130.


How the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services “on wheels” operates

Residents of small settlements still had to go tens of kilometers to get to the ASC. The solution is the mobile Administrative Services Centers. It is a vehicle with air conditioning, generator and heater. The vehicle is specially equipped, including for the comfortable reception of people with disabilities. In the mobile ASC, two administrators can simultaneously serve two visitors in a comfortable environment. One can get 80 most demanded services in such a ASC.

The first ASC “on wheels” was launched with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe program in the Slavuta community in Khmelnytskyi region. There are 22 settlements with a total number of 40 thousand people in the community. And the distance between the villages is up to 20 km. There is no sense in equipping one stationary room in such a community, explains the senior expert of the program Viktor Tymoshchuk, but mobile offices can provide access to administrative services for residents of all villages.

content_3ASC moves five routes with ten stops and travels almost around the whole community. Additional costs for gasoline and a driver are compensated for through paid services. For example, if several people per day register real estate, place of residence and business, it will pay off the work of the mobile ASC, and the installation of passport equipment for issuing national and international passports will make it profitable for the community.

Soon, mobile Administrative Services Centers will appear in other communities of Ukraine. They will provide for an opportunity to register a marriage, place of residence, real estate, land, business, get a driver’s license, register a subsidy and much more.


The future is in online services

This year, not only will new ASC open, but the list of services they provide will also increase. One can get 334 services in one room already now in Lutsk! U-LEAD with Europe has developed a design of premises for centers for 128 and 142 square meters. Each of them provides for a universal design, play areas for children, all the necessary amenities and access for people with disabilities.

Almost any amalgamated community as a result of decentralization can apply for assistance from the EU in the creation or modernization of its ASC. But in the future, almost any administrative service will be available on the Internet. However, for this purpose Ukraine still has to amend the legislation and change the procedures. In the meantime, Ukrainians can use stationary ASC, and mobile ASC in some communities.

The original article is published by Segodnya (print version) under the communication campaign “Moving forward together”