EU4Business helping Ukrainian business to access European markets

The “Andre Tan” fashion brand, “Nebesna krynytsia” drinking water, major Ukrainian tea producer “Monomakh,” the Drogobytskyi meat processing plant. All of these well-known companies have one thing in common: at different times, they applied for advice from the joint programmes of the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to help develop their businesses. In May, the EU and EBRD launched EU4Business, a new programme to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Read more

Kharkiv citizens imagine their European city

Paper houses, pavement drawings, orchestra, photos, collages and placards, face painting, theatrical performances, and literature workshops: these are just some of the ways people expressed their visions for their city during the “ Kharkiv European” art festival on May 28. Read more

Europe Day in Ukraine: Creative, informative, and rich in dialogue

Between May 9 and May 24, the annual Europe Day celebrations took place in various cities across Ukraine. Every year these festivities focus more and more on promoting discussion, training sessions, and information sharing. Lavish parades and dancing no longer dominate the Ukrainian streets as they once did during Europe Day celebrations. Of course, such activities are colourful and create a holiday-like atmosphere, but European integration is primarily about internal transformations, and Europe Day is an opportunity to talk about that.

Read more

Specialists for the Association: EU project helps government implement agreement

Dr. Janos Zakonyi, the team leader of the new EU-funded “Association4U/ Association for Ukraine and for You” project, draws an imaginary line upwards, continues it horizontally, and then pulls it downwards. He is illustrating the lines of communication between Ukrainian government departments dealing with European integration, which must occur via the central administration. “Coordination is always an issue, and not only in Ukraine,” says Zakonyi, who is Hungarian, “We are missing simple communication where officers working in different ministries can call each other and settle a question as a part of normal business.” Read more

«Being European means taking responsibility»

The “Be European” campaign, initiated jointly by the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and online news source Europeyska Pravda, is on-going over the month of May. The campaign aims to provoke broad discussions on the essence of Europeanness, European values, and other important issues related to Ukraine’s EU integration. Olena Rozskazova, head of the International Renaissance Foundation’s regional office in Eastern Ukraine, and a member of Team Europe in Kharkiv, shared her thoughts. Read more