EU funds modern opera about women imprisoned for life

The modern opera “Penita” differs from others in that it is based on true stories of four women serving life sentences in the Kachanivka correctional colony in Kharkiv. The opera draws attention to the problems of the penitentiary system of Ukraine, in particular to the absence of parole for those sentenced for life, as in European countries, and lack of correction of judicial errors. “Penita” has already been staged in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. This opera is part of the EU-funded social project “Vitally Important” under the Culture Bridges programme. Read more

EU helps to adapt films for people with visual and hearing impairments

When you ask yourself a question about how to spend an eventful evening, one of the options is to watch a movie. You can go to a movie theater, or make popcorn yourself and watch a movie at home. Nothing could be simpler, or so it seems. However, not everyone has equal access to viewing films or serials. Persons with visual or hearing impairments often cannot visit movie theaters, because these theaters do not have special film adaptation equipment. Thanks to Accessible Films initiative and the latest technologies, it became possible for these people (to) see and (to) hear what previously had been unavailable to them. Read more

EU4Youth helps entrepreneur from front-line Marinka to expand quail farm

Until 2014, Yurii Shamrai from Marinka did not even know about the existence of quails. After the outbreak of the armed conflict, he lost his job and began looking for business ideas. Over time, Yurii and his father began to breed quails for sale. They started with a foam incubator for 170 eggs. However, the homemade equipment used to break and did not provide a stable temperature and humidity. Thanks to a grant from the EU EU4Youth project, the entrepreneur purchased a modern and easy-to-operate automatic incubator for 3,000 eggs and plans to develop the business further, as the demand for products is growing. Read more

EU supports photo exhibition about schools in eastern Ukraine

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, more than 750 schools have been damaged or destroyed, and dozens of children and teachers have been affected by the shellings. Every day, 670,000 children have to make extra efforts to pursue their studies in the areas near the demarcation line. Their stories formed the basis of the photo exhibition “Schools as a territory of peace for children”. Read more

EU project helps Hutsul cow bryndza get geographical indication

Hutsul cow bryndza (cheese) has recently received a geographical indication. From now on, to get this name, the product must be made from the milk of cows of only two breeds from the highlands at an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level. This will help preserve the almost 500-year-old tradition of production, promote the cheese on the market and guarantee its quality. Read more