EU supports decentralization in Ukraine

Pilot Vitaliy Yaryhin established a successful business for the production of light airplanes and aerial treatment of agricultural land in the Shyroke amalgamated community in Zaporizhia district. He became an investment advisor to the head of the community, and he plans to establish a flying school here in the future. Read more


Ukrainian and European teachers create joint projects

Ukraine joined eTwinning Plus program in 2013. This allows Ukrainian teachers to share their experiences with European colleagues, implement creative projects on various subjects. For students, it is a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, learn about the culture of other countries and make new friends. Read more

How a girl in wheelchair made a career on national TV channel

How to overcome competition in a modern society full of stereotypes and biases? How to realize your professional potential having a disability? This was discussed by the joint project of the EU and the Renaissance Foundation “Civic Synergy” with Viktoriia Skrypnyk, Broadcast Editor of the I’m Ashamed of My Body program on STB TV Channel. From the age of 9, she was moving on a wheelchair because of a genetic disorder that is associated with bone fragility. Read more