The most important thing now is to focus on implementing approved energy legislation – Johannes Baur

June has been an eventful month for reforms in the energy sector in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government approved laws on the Energy Efficiency Fund, commercial accounting of utilities, and energy efficiency of buildings, and a law on the electricity market has been signed. Ukraine also celebrated a sustainable energy week, and a number of Ukrainian cities have joined the Covenant of Mayors: an EU initiative aimed at counteracting climate change. Read more

EU diplomat: Ukraine’s public administration needs new talent

The reform of Ukraine’s public service is one of the most important parts of the country’s on-going transformation. It is difficult to have economic and social systems working efficiently without a modern and competent civil service. Ukraine’s system of public administration, however, has many obsolete structures and functions, and extremely low salaries make the public service uncompetitive as an employer on the national labour market. Read more

Specialists for the Association: EU project helps government implement agreement

Dr. Janos Zakonyi, the team leader of the new EU-funded “Association4U/ Association for Ukraine and for You” project, draws an imaginary line upwards, continues it horizontally, and then pulls it downwards. He is illustrating the lines of communication between Ukrainian government departments dealing with European integration, which must occur via the central administration. “Coordination is always an issue, and not only in Ukraine,” says Zakonyi, who is Hungarian, “We are missing simple communication where officers working in different ministries can call each other and settle a question as a part of normal business.” Read more