European-standard food products: how will it work in Ukraine

From the beginning of April, the control of products of animal origin for Ukrainian tables will start according to European standards. On April 4, the Law “About state control over compliance with legislation on food products, forages, animal by-products, animal health and welfare” will come into force. Read more


Inspection reform: what will change for business and control agencies

A year and a half ago, Ukraine took the first step towards a complete reorganization of the business inspection system – a legislative framework was adopted. In 2018, the changes finally started to be implemented. The Head of BRDO told what business should expect from inspections in 2019. Read more

Civil service reform: new faces — drivers of change

New departments have been established in 10 ministries, in the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers and in 2 state agencies – policy making directorates and strategic planning, and European integration directorates. The EU Project “Support to strategic communication and awareness raising on Ukraine’s public administration reform” introduces heads of new directorates and their ambitious plans. Read more