How “green” startup received one million euros from EU

Innovative ideas, hard work and persistence – these are the steps a business prepared to compete for funding from the European Union would have to overcome. Speaking at the webinar “Micro business in Ukraine: European experience”, SolarGaps founder and director Yevhen Erik told the story of his company. Read more

EU awards grant for development of eco-friendly  production of bearings

The Ukrainian company named “Symbol” launched the manufacture of plain bearings from scrap ferrous metals, replacing traditional bronze. Today’s metallurgy uses mostly bronze bearings, and the production of this nonferrous metal leaves a substantial energy and carbon trace. The manufacture from scrap metals is more economically beneficial and less harmful for public health and the environment. Symbol became a winner of Climate Innovation Vouchers, a grant program from EBRD and the EU implemented in Ukraine by Greencubator. Read more