Everyone deserves a chance to rebuild life

The seizure of Dokuchaievsk by militants has deprived them of their homes, work and property. At their new location, displaced persons got an empty half-destroyed house and a land plot. The hope and desire to rebuild a peaceful life turned them into farmers. Grant programs of the European Union have helped them to master breeding and become successful producers of poultry and eggs in three years. New projects and expansion of the farm are planned. Read more


When we started, there were three photos in Google and Soviet-era books – Eko Ulitka farm owner Dmytro Butenko about European prospects of Ukrainian snail business

The Ukraine-EU Association Agreement came into force, and that made it much easier to establish cooperation in the education, culture, business and many other sectors. More and more products “Made in UA” make their way to European markets, and Ukrainian specialists come home with degrees from leading European universities. The opportunities offered by open borders erase boundaries and open new space for personal, commercial and social achievements. As part of the information campaign “European Integration: the Power of Opportunities”*, The Point will tell the stories of people who experienced that firsthand. Read more

30 years of Uzhgorod seamstresses’ European experience. About the way from cheap cherry polka dot dresses to Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana

Under the rubric “Reforms in the Regions” we continue publishing the information about Transcarpathian exporters to the EU. The heroine of this article is Myroslava Kalamuniak, the Director of the Uzhgorod Clothing Factory PrJSC. The company headed by her has been operating in the European coordinate system for 30 years now! Recently the factory sends 400-450 thousand pieces of clothing to Europe annually. Read more

How Transcarpathian Handmade Artists Conquer Europe and What Obstacles they Face

Today, Ukrainian handmade market is rather large; this can notice everyone, who uses social networks. No doubt that some of your online acquaintances sell handmade fashion jewelry, sew bags, are engaged in decoupage, making dolls, knitting hats and scarves or baking gingerbreads – to put it shortly, they occupy themselves with handiwork when not in the office or instead of formal employment. For some craftsmen it is a hobby, and for the others – a profitable business. And the number of those who managed to turn their hobby into an own, small but successful, business is constantly increasing every year. Moreover, often Ukrainian handmade artists have customers from around the world. What makes Ukrainian hand-made products attractive for foreigners and how to master the “promotion” of own products on the European handmade market has been explored by “Pro Zahid”. Read more