Sometimes, one person can irreversibly change the course of events. And what if there are many people like that?

A two thousand-square meter building with heating that barely heats (8 degrees above zero in wintertime at the most) – that was the premise Yurii Baliuk received when three years ago, he came to Krasivka village in the Zhytomyr Oblast to work as a school principal. Read more


Start with yourself: how Irshansk community puts the town in order

The community of Irshansk, a small town in the Zhytomyr Oblast decided to turn a neglected lake into a recreation park. One day, a large community action was announced. Only 200 people showed up, out of the 7,500 residents, although the problem this action was going to address concerned everyone. Read more

European administrative services in Ukrainian ASCs

If you need to register your place of residence, register the birth of your child and his or her place of residence, get permits for business or real estate, you can quickly and comfortably do it at modern Administrative Service Centers (ASC). They cannot be found in all cities and villages and may differ in the number of services or the level of service. Therefore, the European Union helps Ukraine open new ASCs and improve the existing ones. We present the main possibilities of ASCs that are worth knowing and using in practice. Read more

EU launches mobile Administrative Services Centers

Almost any certificate or administrative service, for example, registration of a marriage, registration of a subsidy can be obtained in one place – the Administrative Services Centers (ASC). Here, without queues and unnecessary bureaucracy, one can not only quickly submit documents, but also get the result in time. At the end of last year mobile ASC occurred in Ukraine. They serve residents of small settlements. Segodnya found out how the decentralization and reform of administrative services that are actively supported by the European Union (EU) are changing the lives of Ukrainians. Read more