How a vending stand at a fair is to grow into a pryanik production shop in just one year

The idea of establishing a business in the production shop format typical for Lviv has been naturally conceived, Yurashky pryanik production shop’s co-owner Illya Verkholiak says. But the concept and all business processes have been developed from scratch, as well as the product itself. Read more


Gold under the feet: Ukraine restored ancient traditions of growing truffles bit by bit

There are certain types of food in the world that have always been elite, due to the lack of their mass production, in particular black caviar, meat of certain species of fish and crustaceans. An important place in this list, of course, has such a kind of mushroom as a truffle. In Europe, they began actively collecting these mushrooms for eating in the Renaissance. Now, thanks to its exquisite taste, the demand for truffles is growing all the time. Restaurants are willing to pay a lot of money for this product. Read more