EU funds modern opera about women imprisoned for life

The modern opera “Penita” differs from others in that it is based on true stories of four women serving life sentences in the Kachanivka correctional colony in Kharkiv. The opera draws attention to the problems of the penitentiary system of Ukraine, in particular to the absence of parole for those sentenced for life, as in European countries, and lack of correction of judicial errors. “Penita” has already been staged in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. This opera is part of the EU-funded social project “Vitally Important” under the Culture Bridges programme. Read more

EU helps to adapt films for people with visual and hearing impairments

When you ask yourself a question about how to spend an eventful evening, one of the options is to watch a movie. You can go to a movie theater, or make popcorn yourself and watch a movie at home. Nothing could be simpler, or so it seems. However, not everyone has equal access to viewing films or serials. Persons with visual or hearing impairments often cannot visit movie theaters, because these theaters do not have special film adaptation equipment. Thanks to Accessible Films initiative and the latest technologies, it became possible for these people (to) see and (to) hear what previously had been unavailable to them. Read more

EU funds exhibition about interwar architecture in Rivne

An exhibition was opened in Rivne to convey information to the city’s residents about buildings in the city of the interwar period. The organizers say that they tried to present the most interesting, from the standpoint of architectural stylistics, buildings of the 1920s-1930s which survived in the urban landscape. The exhibition was presented on Saturday, 22 August in the building of the union of artists at 16 July Street.

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Creative Europe dispels myths about grant programmes

In public perception, grant programs are shrouded in such a large number of myths that many are simply scared away from them. But in fact, these programs offer countless opportunities for implementation of useful and interesting initiatives in various areas ranging from creative to social projects. To make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity, we are going to dispel the most widespread myths about grants. Read more