How domestic tourism is developing in Donetsk region

In 2014, Yana Synytsia moved from Donetsk to the village of Kryva Luka, which is part of  the Lyman Territorial Community. Thanks to her efforts, the place is already called the tourist heart of the Lyman district. This is because Yana organises original tours and excursions here and rafting along the river for tourists. Read more

EU helps to demine Ukraine’s east

The beginning of spring is not only about flowering trees and the start of fieldwork in gardens across the country. Spring also heralds the start of demining work in the Donbas. Ukrinform asked Danish Demining Group (DDG), a nongovernmental organization and one of the key participants in demining effort, about technical aspects of this process and whether Ukrainian legislation governing this area is sophisticated enough. Read more