EU funds creation of brands for 13 communities in Luhansk region

Creating a unique, bright and recognizable image of every community to become more attractive for tourists and investors. Public authorities in the Luhansk Oblast have seriously set on developing the image of not only the region but also its particular localities. Eastern Variant found out how it works and why it is needed.

An image a few steps away from the frontline


The region officially presented its own brand, “MY Luhansk Region”, back on 31 July 2018 during the presentation forum “Image of the Luhansk Oblast: from the idea to a modern brand”. Recently, they also released a promo video The Luhansk Region: a Hospitable Land of Huge Opportunities.

During 2020-2021, brands, a brand book, marketing strategies and image videos will be created for 13 communities in the Luhansk Oblast under UN Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace Program’s pilot project of developing brands and marketing strategies with financial support from the European Union. The Luhansk Oblast State Administration’s Department for International Technical Assistance, Innovative Development and External Relations is a partner of the project’s implementation providing coordination, consultative and information support.


The department’s representatives emphasize that for this frontline region, the positioning process is extremely important, because it increases the region’s competitiveness. And in addition, a strong and attractive brand as an aptly noted identity is useful inside the community, raising spirit of its residents and developing patriotism, creativity and unity.



A brand of Kreminna community has already been created, and active work continues in Bilokurakyne and Markivka. A team of Brandville project’s experts helps develop them. The specialists do research and analysis, studying information about the community, its history, geography, nature, industry, business, culture, sporting and other achievements.

Forest preserves as a unique feature


The brand of Kreminna amalgamated community was presented on 1 August. The work on it began with a tour and a working meeting with representatives of various areas of activity. Subsequently, a working group was created on Facebook to discuss a vision of the image and approve it. The members of this group decided to place an emphasis on the marvelous nature of this land.


To be sure, these elements were embodied into a single symbol containing depictions of pine forests, oak groves, clean lakes and the sun. The letter “K” is inscribed in-between these elements. Also, the brand’s colors reflect various seasons of the year: orange for autumn, blue for winter, green for spring, and yellow for summer. The community chose as their motto the phrase roughly translated as “The huge power of nature”.


It cannot be translated literally, but each word of it conveys the admiration and love to the little motherland.

“Our community needs it very much. For example, when someone reads something about our community is one thing, but when they see the brand and immediately realize that this is Kreminna amalgamated community is a totally different matter. Our brand reflects our strengths. I like that this brand includes many aspects: it’s not like they came over, saw the spoil tip of a coal mine that has been out of operation since 2000 and “stuck it in”,” Kreminna Mayor Yuri Prokopenko says.


Onion, the district’s pride

In early August, the project’s team also visited Bilokurakyne and Markivka communities. The visitors were taken on a tour and shown local landmarks, both natural and manmade. All that will be placed at the core of a brand which the experts will create.

In Markivka, the visitors were also shown gastronomic features of that land.


“The Markivka district has long been famous for its cheese and onions. We even have a monument to Cipollino. We are proud of the fact that back in 1907 Doctor Zaitsev sent 50 bundles of Markivka onions to a trade fair in Paris, where it was named the best. Of course, we presented our district as agricultural. It is our main area of activity. Like in the Luhansk Oblast in general, we have a lot of bobak marmots. We told them about our legends. Today, many people here create their own private museums, simply to preserve our history for their descendants, and that also is our distinguishable feature. We even wanted to show our character, our mentality,” Olha Stryzhachenko, Head of Culture Section at Markivka Village Council, said.

She also stressed that local residents want to see their community on “green tourism” maps, because it has the potential for that. They even organized a contest on development of symbols, created their own anthem, flag and coat of arms (which has already passed a heraldic examination).

From baneberries to special sand


The Brandville team was welcomed at Bilokurakyne as well. There, the hosts also placed an emphasis on natural landmarks, for example, numerous springs and wells with healing and regular table waters.

“The history of Bilokurakyne started 300 years ago with a water spring. This is our pride. We also showed wild spear grass steppe where rare baneberries flourish. They are the visiting card of the entire Luhansk Oblast. We have coarse sand, which can be used to make crystal. We showed them churches and architectural landmarks of the 18th – early 20th centuries. We also insist that our brand must depict people, their unity. Many things in our community were made by joint efforts of people,” Olha Chaika, Director of Bilokurakyne Museum of Local Lore, said.

The brands of these two communities will be presented this autumn.

By Anastasia Dashko, Eastern Variant

Source: Eastern Variant