EU funds creation of brands for 13 communities in Luhansk region

Creating a unique, bright and recognizable image of every community to become more attractive for tourists and investors. Public authorities in the Luhansk Oblast have seriously set on developing the image of not only the region but also its particular localities. Eastern Variant found out how it works and why it is needed. Read more

EU promotes protection of workers’ rights in Ukraine

Working under employment contract brings benefits! Labor legislation guarantees safe and healthy working conditions, paid vacation and sick leave for hired workers. You will receive help in the event of a work accident, and benefits for care of small children. Workers whose employment is undeclared are ineligible for all these benefits. Read more

EU helps Ukraine increase enforcement of judgements

The reforms which Ukraine committed itself to in exchange for the EU’s macro-financial assistance include permitting private enforces to collect debt under small (up to 100,000 hryvnias) claims against public bodies and state enterprises. For the first time in history of Ukraine, a representative of an independent private profession will be able to act against the state, using powers delegated to them by the state itself and compelling the government to fulfil its contractual and other financial obligations to any natural or legal person. Read more

EU reveals secrets of Black Sea

The Black Sea is among the oldest ones on the planet. Due to the low level of salinity and the relatively cold climate, it is inhabited by half as many living organisms as in the neighbouring southern seas – 5,600 species. There are more than 200 species of fish, including spiny dogfish and rays, dolphins and 30 species of jellyfish. Find out more interesting facts from the book “Secrets of the Black Sea”, which was published with the support of the EU-UNDP project “Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea: Special Measures” (EMBLAS-Plus). Read more

EU funds exhibition about interwar architecture in Rivne

An exhibition was opened in Rivne to convey information to the city’s residents about buildings in the city of the interwar period. The organizers say that they tried to present the most interesting, from the standpoint of architectural stylistics, buildings of the 1920s-1930s which survived in the urban landscape. The exhibition was presented on Saturday, 22 August in the building of the union of artists at 16 July Street.

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