Kyiv student on education in Paris under Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ program enables Ukrainian students to study at the best universities of Europe for free. Serhii Melnykovych, a Ukrainian, took advantage of this opportunity as well.

Recently, Serhii Melnykovych studied for five months at one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Europe, the Paris Institute of Political Studies commonly referred to as Sciences Po.

Presently, the young man is a senior student at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

He was able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the program only at the second attempt, because universities reserve the right to reject an applicant even if a Ukrainian university recommends the student.

Moreover, Serhii didn’t become fluent in English right away. But even back during his study under a bachelor’s program the lad set himself the goal of studying in Western Europe, and beginning from the third year of study he began to actively work on it, reaching the necessary level of proficiency in a few years.

Where Serhii lived

Finding an accommodation in Paris is not easy

Universities do not always provide accommodation. Thus, Serhii himself had to look for a place to live, which in Paris is not that easy to find. Finally, one lady rented a dwelling to Serhii. The scholarship of 850 euros allowed him to rent a cozy studio within a 10-minute walking distance from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées.

What Serhii studied in Paris

He was interested the most in international law and human rights. That’s why one of the disciplines which Serhii chose at Sciences Po was “Armed conflicts and global security”, dealing with legal aspects of armed conflicts all over the world.

Public international law was taught by Makane Mbengue, an international lawyer who represented many governments in numerous judicial proceedings.

“He was very charismatic, and his unconventional approach helped me take a different look even at the things I knew well from my studies at “Mohylianka”,” the young man said.

At the university, Serhii also studied English and French

Free form of study

At the university, there was no familiar division of the academic process into lectures and seminars. The entire study takes place in the free communication format.

“There was no discipline I studied where we would be required to answer. Communication was strictly voluntary, taking the form of conversation and exchange of opinions. Another unusual feature was that for several courses, the grade depended solely on the final test results, like at English universities,” the student said.

What else does the university offer? Sciences Po has many associations catering to particular interests, for which one may sign up. In addition, it organizes special events for foreign students from various universities in Paris: picnics, parties, quests, sightseeing tours of the city, where one could meet other Erasmus participants.

What Erasmus+ program gave Serhii

Knowledge, acquaintances and experience – that’s the answer the young man gives

“I discovered Europe anew, revised the notion of European values, and began thinking about whether Ukraine always meets these standards,” Serhii said.

Advantages of Erasmus+

  • students can study at a partner university from three months to one year;
  • exams passed on the studied disciplines are credited at the main university without additional tests;
  • the total of almost 10 thousand Ukrainians have already taken advantage of this program;
  • detailed information about the program is available at the link.

By Andriy Avramenko

Source: Channel 24