EU delivers two mobile administrative services centres to hromadas in Donetsk region

Thanks to the EU and the UN, mobile Administrative Service Centres (ASCs) came to the Donetsk Oblast.

Thus, two modern mobile ASCs were delivered today to Ocheretyne amalgamated community (AC) and Toretsk in the Donetsk Oblast, enabling local residents to receive the necessary services fast and on time.

The handover of mobile ASCs was organized by UNDP under the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme with financial support from the European Union.

Thanks to new mobile ASCs, local population of Toretsk and Ocheretyne AC will be able to receive almost all administrative and social services provided at stationary centers. Their main purpose is to bring services close to people who live far away from stationary ASCs and to vulnerable categories of population: women, people with disabilities, elderly people and people living along the “confrontation line”.

Considering the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in the country, mobile ASCs allow to avoid crowds and receive services right next to one’s house or even at home, without exposing your own health or health of your close ones to danger.

“For the Donetsk Oblast, two new, modern mobile ASCs represent another step on the way of bringing quality administrative services closer to residents of the country’s east. In the conditions of crisis engulfing Ukraine and the world because of the spread of coronavirus which causes COVID-19, delivery of targeted assistance, particularly administrative services, to the public is extremely important and high on the contemporary agenda,” Victor Munteanu, Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme Manager stressed.

“Recently, we have delivered two mobile ASCs to the Luhansk Oblast, which are now successfully traversing Kreminna and Bilovodsk ACs. And also, we will deliver this year 10 mobile offices providing administrative and social services, which will service security checkpoints in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts and remote towns and villages,” Mr. Munteanu added.


Every vehicle has two workplaces for administrators, equipped with a computer, software, a portable server and Internet access; two mobile cases: mobile ASC case and energy audit case; video surveillance system; GPS navigation; two autonomous heating systems, ventilation, air conditioner, connection port for external sources of power, autonomous toilet with hot and cold water, mobile elevating ramp for persons with disabilities or with limited mobility, and waiting area. Mobile ASCs also have remote workplaces for specialists of the Pension Fund, justice, social security, emergency response and other services.

The cost of two fully equipped vehicles and personnel training is approximately 115,000 US dollars.

“I want to thank our partners from UNDP who systemically help our residents, and residents of Toretsk, with new mobile ASCs, and provide methodological and training assistance to our specialists who deliver the most necessary services to our citizens on location,” Mykola Kovalenko, Chairman of Ocheretyne Raion State Administration, stressed.

The new mobile ASCs will not only expand the area of delivering services to the population of Toretsk and Ocheretyne AC, but also promote creation of integrated systems of delivering administrative services in the east of Ukraine.

Source: Rubryka