EU funds modernization of Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant training centre

The assertion that human factor in nuclear power plays the decisive role does not require proof. After all, safe operation of nuclear power plants depends, first of all, on competent actions of their personnel. They at Zaporizhia NPP know that very well, and therefore, they do everything possible to improve professional skills of nuclear power specialists.

“Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is a huge “factory” producing specialists. We have reorganized our Human Resources Management Department. Our personnel have where to learn. We have our own training center,” Petro Kotin, Zaporizhia NPP General Director, said.


Zaporizhia NPP’s training complex is unmatched anywhere in Ukraine, being the key element in the system of training the nuclear power plant’s operating and repair personnel. 117 experienced instructors conduct trainings on simulators representing the analogs of actual equipment. Specialists learn in practice how nuclear reactors operate in the normal and emergency modes. The training center is licensed by the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation.

“Under this license, we prepare station shift managers, reactor shift managers and lead engineers,” Valery Martyniuk, Head of Zaporizhia NPP Training Center, said.

The training center was opened in 1993. This complex occupied two buildings. In order to facilitate training of not only operating but also repair personnel, the center needed another building. It was commissioned on 1 September 2017. This is a modern facility, a true “test site” where personnel can gain appropriate skills necessary for safe operation of a nuclear power plant. The project’s cost is 700 million hryvnias.


It became possible thanks to the European Commission as part of the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation. International partners allocated 13 million euros for its construction.

22 training laboratories featuring modern equipment is the most important achievement of the simulator complex for specialized training of personnel. The state-of-the-art training base caused interest among not only Ukrainian but also foreign specialists.

“We have already received visitors from China. We prepared three personnel training courses. An agreement is in the works. They are more interested in the practical part,” Mr. Martyniuk said.


The personnel training system is compliant with the applicable standards and nuclear power regulations. This project passed numerous checks by international experts.

Last year, 369 persons underwent training for a position, 7416 persons underwent specialized training, 1477 workers confirmed their qualification, 2673 specialists improved their skills, and 362 persons received a related profession at the training center.

Nuclear safety culture and professional cadres are the key element of enhancing safety of nuclear power plants. The training center at Zaporizhia NPP is a unique establishment offering training to not only Ukrainian but also foreign specialists.

Therefore, the energy sector will be able to avoid shortage of personnel and increase the quality of their performance in the future. For after undergoing training at such an advanced base, a person becomes more confident and competent.


Source: uatv