How to get grant for study in EU

How to get a grant or scholarship for study in a foreign university, and where to find this information.

Perhaps every student is dreaming about studying abroad for at least a few months. To compare the approach of lecturers to the academic process, the correlation between theory and practice, and the opportunities for students. Today, few can afford to spend several thousand euros a year on foreign education. However, there are special programs for smart and diligent students.

“Today, Ukrainian students are choosing foreign universities more and more often. Surely, studying abroad is more expensive, but after graduating from a foreign university, a student receives a European certificate, and also, priceless experience! Especially since today, there are many exchange, scholarship and grant programs available. Receiving a grant or a scholarship large enough to pay the tuition is hard. The contest is large, and the selection is rigorous. Only a very smart and diligent kid could go abroad to study for free. Say, in my university, one can study for free under Teraz Wrocław program funded by the city, and even receive a scholarship,” Oles, a student at Warsaw University of Technology told Lvivska Poshta.

So, Lvivska Poshta compiled a list of the most known and interesting foreign education programs for students and the sources of information about them.


Study in France


Campus France: here, you will find up-to-date offers of scholarship programs from French universities. In particular, there are 93 programs available for students from Ukraine today. To find a suitable program in an easy and convenient way, visit

Ile de France features scholarship programs from universities in Île-de-France (“Paris Region”).

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is for studies at the Sciences Po University in Paris under bachelor’s and master’s programs. This program is offered to talented, smart students from countries outside the European Union. And by the way, scholarship applications are now accepted. The deadline is 15 December 2019.


Study in Canada


Canadian Bureau for International Education: a website about education in Canada. There, you will find information about scholarships, government support provided to foreign students, and the last innovations in education.

The University of British Columbia Scholarship is a program for high school graduates with high grades, who are active and initiative-taking. At first, this program covers the first year of study, and if the student demonstrates good academic progress, the scholarship will be extended for another three years. The application submission deadline is 15 January of every year.

The Conestoga College Scholarship is available only to high school graduates with excellent grades. The amount of scholarship depends on grades. The application submission deadline is February of every year.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship allows talented certified foreign specialists to continue education in Canadian universities. This program is intended for studies in the fields of humanities, social, natural and technical sciences and medicine.

The Pierre Trudeau Scholarship is for postgraduate education in the field of social and humanities sciences in one of Canadian universities. This program could be of interest to those doing research in one of the following four fields: human rights and dignity, civic self-consciousness, Canada in the world, humans and their natural environment. It offers the total of 15 scholarships a year for a period of up to four years, with the scholarship amount of up to 60,000 CAD per year. The application submission deadline is December of every year.


Study in Austria


Grants: features a database of scholarship programs from all universities in Austria.

Study in Austria: a website about education in Austria. There, you will find information about the study in Austrian universities, required documents, support provided to foreign students, and possible scholarship programs.


Study in Germany


The Bridge to a German University is a scholarship program from the Goethe-Institut for studies in German universities, catering solely to high school graduates. The scholarship applicants are required to have above-the-average grades in natural and technical disciplines and documents proving their participation in Olympiads.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): the largest German organization issuing scholarships to foreign students in various fields, including language programs, education programs for holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, etc.

Deutschland Stipendium: here, you will find information about scholarship programs for studies in German universities in various cities in all fields of study.


Go to any country for Erasmus+!


Today, Erasmus+ is the most publicized and accessible exchange program for Ukrainian students.

“Every year, Lviv universities send their students to study abroad under Erasmus+ Program, because it is the most accessible program today.

Usually, the study continues for half a year or a year. This program includes a scholarship. Two years ago, I studied under this program in France and received a scholarship of 500 euros a month. This money was enough to pay for my accommodation, food and other needs,” Daria, a student at the Faculty of Economics of Ivan Franko University says.

For detailed information, application submission procedure, deadlines and selection phases, contact your university.

“Erasmus+ Program has a degree (full scholarship for studies under a master’s program) and a credit (short-term exchange programs for 3-12 months for undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and doctoral students) mobility. Erasmus+ Program also offers an opportunity to receive grants for internships at leading Western companies for two-five months,” Daria says.

According to her, a student applying for a study grant must prepare and submit a certain document package.

“You have to complete an online application form, write your CV and a letter of motivation, provide a study plan, prepare a transcript of your academic credits, and enclose a copy of your degree certificate, a copy of your international passport and of a document confirming your fluency in a foreign language. Successful selection criteria include high academic progress and high proficiency in foreign languages. In some cases, the availability of several letters of recommendation from professors is an additional advantage or an indispensable condition,” Daria stresses.


Ukrainian platforms with foreign grants

More information about grants and scholarships for study in various countries is available on several convenient Ukrainian platforms. on this website, select the category of your interest in the “Opportunities” section, e.g. “Grants” or “Scholarships”. You may also select a particular country and field of study to simplify your search. This website contains information about numerous grants (in particular, for studies and internships), scholarships, research programs, etc. In other words, the amount of information on the website is more than enough. All you need to do is to regularly monitor and filter it. this website’s “Grants and contests” section provides information about scholarships and grants to fund a study abroad under a bachelor’s or master’s program. The website also has convenient country-wise information filters. this website contains information about countless contests, trainings, vacancies and grants. In fact, this website does not focus specifically on grants for foreign studies. However, information regarding the opportunities to study abroad for free does pop up on it from time to time. If you continuously update and monitor the news appearing on this website, you may find information that could be of interest to you. this platform also does not focus on grants for foreign studies, but information about scholarships for study abroad could still be found there. Again, the most important thing is to check out and regularly monitor news on this website.

There are enough platforms offering information about scholarships and grants for studies abroad. Just don’t give up if you couldn’t find the right offer, as new offers constantly come around. It is important to regularly monitor these websites.

By Diana Kormukhina

Source: Lvivpost