House of Europe programme provides grants to creative Ukrainians

On 16 October, House of Europe announced the first contests for grant and program applications in Ukraine. See here who’s eligible, how to apply and how to get funding.

What is House of Europe?

House of Europe is a new European Union initiative for Ukraine. It offers opportunities for creative and professional exchange at personal level: trainings, educational trips, residency in Ukraine and EU states.

During the next three years, House of Europe with the budget of 12.2 million euros will implement over 20 grant programs in culture and creative industries, education, social entrepreneurship, medicine, media and work with youth.


How it differs from other grant programs?

House of Europe offers personal grants. It means that you do not necessarily have to belong to some organization is order to apply, as you can do it on your own.

And also, this program will operate outside the “Kyiv bubble”, devoting separate attention to small and medium cities, working with local hubs and supporting creative entrepreneurs in regions, while a House of Europe mobile pavilion will travel from one Ukrainian city to another.


Who is eligible?

First of all, professionals in the relevant field: culture, education, healthcare and so on. But this notion allows for a broad interpretation: you can be a social entrepreneur or only nurse an idea for a creative business, be an artist or work in advertising, create cultural projects for years or study this culture. The best way is to check out specific requirements to specific opportunities.


What opportunities does this program offer?

House of Europe finances trainings, educational trips, networking, residencies and other forms of professional exchange. This program supports creative cooperation between Ukrainians and their colleagues from the EU in the fields of culture and creative industry. House of Europe also organizes youth camps and student exchanges between universities in Ukraine.

During the next three years, you will receive access to the following opportunities:

  • mobility grants issued to certain individuals to visit EU states to participate in conferences, networking events and professional forums selected by the applicants themselves, or to establish working relationships with the European Union’s professional community;
  • educational trips, i.e., professional trips of representatives of the same industry traveling together to one of the EU states to establish contacts and exchange experience. These trips have a general program developed by the House of Europe team.
  • special programs for various fields and ages: for example, successful projects from the British Council (Active Citizens and Creative Enterprise) and from the Goethe-Institut (Cultural Leadership Academy) have already migrated under the House of Europe’s “roof”. And also, a sort of a “home” Ukrainian version of Erasmus, a large project of interuniversity exchanges for students of Ukrainian higher education institutions, is going to be launched in 2020;
  • creative residencies for a broad range of artists, writers, etc.;
  • international cooperation grants providing funding to public and civil society organizations active in the culture sector and creative industries to implement their projects;
  • infrastructural grants intended for development of the material and technical base of organizations operating in the culture sector and creative industries.


What does it mean in practice?

The most important thing is that there are many opportunities and all of them are different, and therefore, you can find something that suits your particular needs. For example, it could be not just a grant but also an educational trip, program, residency, scholarship, training or even something else. Moreover, any of these opportunities could be open in various sectors: culture, education, youth, social entrepreneurship, media or healthcare.

Visit the opportunities page and choose what’s right for you.


How to apply?

Applications could be submitted online. On 16 October 2019, House of Europe announced the first 11 contests for grant and program applications. The next wave of contests starts in January 2020.


Who organized all that?

House of Europe was founded by the EU Delegation to Ukraine, and it is financed by the European Union. Many renowned institutions are involved in the implementation of this program: it is headed by the Goethe-Institut Ukraine as the project’s major partner, helped by the British Council, Institut Français and České Centrum. All of them also co-finance the project.


How to follow the news in order not to miss anything?

First of all, on the program’s website. Secondly, in social networks: Facebook, Telegram and Instagram. And also, there are weekly newsletters: if you subscribe, you will receive emails with a digest of opportunities every Saturday.

The House of Europe team has already announced that every day, all these information channels will inform you not only about the project’s own grants and programs but also about all study, creative and professional development opportunities in Europe available for Ukrainians.