EIB helps to finish protracted construction of outpatient clinic in Prymorsk

The polyclinic building of Prymorsk Central District Hospital has been under construction for almost 30 years. A EUR 1.3 million loan from the European Investment Bank helped complete its construction.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the EU, European Investment Bank, UNDP and Ukrainian government.


Financing provided by the European Investment Bank

Not only the medics but also their patients gathered at the opening ceremony. First Deputy Minister of Ukraine for Regional Development Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, Head of EIB Resident Representation for Ukraine Jean-Erik de Zagon, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Annika Weidemann, and UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Dafina Gercheva congratulated the citizens of Prymorsk with the long-awaited event.


Congratulations to the people of Prymorsk were also extended by Head of Zaporizhia Oblast State Administration Vitalii Turynok, Head of Prymorsk Raion State Administration Serhii Belychev and MP Pavlo Melnyk.

“After [the outbreak of] the armed conflict in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea, the Sea of Azov coastal region faced the influx of internally displaced persons, and as a result, numerous challenges in the social sector.

“As a EU bank, we are trying to adapt our activity to the current needs of Ukraine, and we are happy to focus attention of our Early Recovery Program for Ukraine on this region at the request from the Ukrainian government. Our projects have direct effect on the life of ordinary locals, including IDPs,” Head of EIB Resident Representation for Ukraine Jean-Erik de Zagon said.

“Work under the Early Recovery Program for Ukraine is not just about restoring vital infrastructure in Eastern Ukraine. It means restoration of hope for the better future and expanding the access to opportunities for thousands of people victimized by the conflict in this region,” UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Dafina Gercheva said.

“This hospital was known as a protracted construction project. For many years, people of Prymorsk had to wait for it to open. It comes as no surprise why investors are afraid of investing in Ukrainian projects. We have to change this situation.

“Renovation of this hospital continues, and it must finish by the end of this year. I personally control it, and look forward to the opening of the entire medical complex this December,” Vitalii Turynok said.


Renovated kindergartens and a polyclinic

The Early Recovery Program for Ukraine is being implemented in the Zaporizhia Oblast for the fourth year in a row.

Thanks to long-term, low-interest loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB), Eastern Ukrainian regions are able to restore their infrastructure.

Three facilities in the Zaporizhia Oblast have been opened the same day after a major renovation: two kindergartens in Melitopol and the polyclinic of Prymorsk Central District Hospital.

“Renovation of kindergartens and major renovation of hospitals mean that hundreds of children will learn and play in warm rooms, and thousands of hospitalized patients will enjoy proper conditions for medical treatment.

“I am pleased to say that these are only a few among the many projects which people living in the Sea of Azov coastal region and beyond can now use.

“It became the result of hard and meticulous work by the EU and Ukrainian partners at all levels,” Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Annika Weidemann stressed.


After cutting the red ribbon, the guests of the opening ceremony went inside to take a look at the building which still smelled with paint.


Wards for daytime inpatient department also available

By the way, the project was initially designed as construction of a four-story building, but later, it was adjusted for construction of a two-story polyclinic.

Narrow specialists will receive visitors on the first floor, and family physicians on the second. The building also has space for daytime inpatient wards.


The patients will stay in spacious 1-, 2- and 3-bed wards with a bathroom, and have TV sets and refrigerators at their disposal.

A huge renovation work was done on the building. In particular, the building saw reconstruction of the foundation, installation of utility networks, thermal insulation of the façade, installation of two elevators and furniture.


The guests noted certain deficiencies, too. Thus, Governor Vitalii Turynok pointed to cast iron radiators. He ordered an inspection to find out why these radiators have been installed in a new building.

In the opinion of the head of the regional state administration, there are more advanced and energy-efficient heating appliances available today.


Three projects in total have been submitted from the Prymorsk Raion for participation in this program. Simultaneously, the central district hospital’s main building underwent major renovation. The renovation work, financed with a EUR 0.4 million loan from the EIB and which includes thermal insulation of the building’s foundation and external walls and replacement of windows and doors, is expected to end in the fall.

During their trip to Prymorsk, the guests also visited a reconstruction project of transforming a family hostel into an apartment-type hostel. This building, which is still under reconstruction, is located not far from the polyclinic.

The building has been standing empty for some 10 years. The dismantling work on it has just begun.

The main purpose of reconstruction is to accommodate internally displaced persons and attract skilled medical personnel to Prymorsk to work at the polyclinic. The total reconstruction cost is 946,838 euros, of which 789,031 euros is financed by the EIB.

For local authorities, the financing is non-repayable. According to First Deputy Minister of Ukraine for Regional Development Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the loan will be repaid by the government within five years.

By Iryna Yehorova

Source: Industrial Zaporizhia