EU-funded online simulator of decision-making in hromadas

There is the ATC simulator on the Internet within the framework of decentralization. The game is based on typical challenges and problems of local self-government. You will have to make important decisions in the life of your community that can affect a variety of factors.

On 28 February, the “My Community” online game was presented in Kyiv. With two clicks, a participant becomes a virtual head of ATC, and this is where the responsibility for his or her community begins. During the game, the virtual head has to solve a lot of issues that can affect the future position of his or her ATC.

The game was created with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, co-funded by the EU and its member states: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

“Act carefully, because what will people say?! You will still live in this community!”

A lot of questions are quite vital, and different heads of ATCs face them today. There are also tricky questions, so be careful with your choice. This can affect either the level of trust of your community, or the budget, etc.

In general, the game has 5 criteria for which the player’s answers will be assessed: Budget of the community, its security, regional cooperation, legitimacy of decisions and rating.


The rules are quite simple. Answer the questions and do everything so that some of these criteria fall to zero. Otherwise, the community loses. If you manage to hold on until the end of your office, you will see the score, showing how successful your career has been.


During the game, there may be unexpected and urgent difficulties you need to be prepared for.


In addition, if you successfully deliver your duties, the head of ATC will be rewarded. For example, gifts from the community.


Each of your replies may become illegal and at the same time, the level of trust of your community will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to set priorities, and be responsible for the consequences of your actions.

To play the game, click here.


By Oleksandr Chervonenko

Source – Territory of Free Radio