EIB financing school modernization in Severodonetsk

In autumn 2018, old and buzzing light bulbs were replaced in Severodonetsk school number 20 in Luhansk region. Instead, 250 LED-lamps worth almost a million hryvnias were installed. These and hundreds of other projects in the east of Ukraine are being financed by the EIB under the Early Recovery Programme. Read more

EU supports displaced people in Boryspil

The satellite city of Kyiv has accepted about 4,000  internally displaced people. A joint project of the EU and the International Organization for Migration supports the local IDP relief center. Here people can get clothes and household items, talk to a psychologist, find work and a kindergarten or a school for children, attend courses and creative classes. Read more

EU helps to protect civilians in conflict zone

Ukrainian Army introduces new standards for the protection of the civilian population. From January this year, a team for collecting and summarizing information on casualties or injuries among civilians has begun its work in the conflict zone in Donbas. The team’s goal is not just to record such cases, but also to analyze this information. This will help prevent such losses in the future. Read more