Ukrainian students study aviation and astronomy in Europe

20 Ukrainian students, together with peers from other countries, took part in the Space Leaders School under the Erasmus+ program. During three weeks in Poland and Slovakia, they attended astronomy and aviation lectures at three universities, observed planets in a telescope, traveled on airplanes and trained on flight simulators.

Erasmus+ provides young people with the opportunity of learning and using experience accumulated in the European Union. Correspondent of “” also participated in this program. Training took place in Poland, in the town of Brzozow in the recreation house “Chardvorek”.

The first flights of the program participants
Participants flew not only airplanes

On the first day, students had an astrophotography lecture and saw the planets through the telescope lenses. And they had flights already on the second day of the training.

Aerobatics training on the simulator

Three planes have raised the program participants hundreds of meters above the ground. For most of them, this was an unforgettable first experience getting to the height of the bird’s flight.

Brzozow town from the height

We flew over the Brzozow town and Bieszczady mountains; saw from the height small silhouettes below. People are like ants, and houses seem to be puppet-houses, everything seems to be so small from a height”, – participant Solomiia Nykolaievych shares her emotions.

It makes sense to not forget about safety!

Also, aerobatic skills have been trained on the flight simulator during the workshop. Over the period of three weeks, participants have visited three universities abroad: Rzeszow Politechnyka n.a. Ignacy Lukasevych, Institute of Nuclear Physics n.a. Heinrich Neodnichansky in Krakow and the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Kosice.

Visited Krakow University

People representing three nationalities attended “The Space Leaders School”: Ukrainians, Poles and Slovaks. We speak different languages, but this does not prevent us from getting acquainted, and we also communicate and share impressions and emotions in spite of the language barrier”, says the student from Lutsk Yaroslav Vovchok.

Theoretical module of the training program

At the Nuclear Physics Institute n.a. Heinrich Neodnichanskyi within the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow, participants attended lectures on magnetism, MRI scanner (magnetic resonance imaging) and principles of its work.

Lecture in Krakow University

Sometimes such trips required getting up at 5 am and being on a road for 5 hours. For example, participants went to a neighbouring country – Slovakia. Purpose of the trip was to view the starry sky and visit the Skalnate Pleso Observatory”, – says Vasyl Baytzym, the official event coordinator from the Ukrainian side.

Lecture in the Slovak observatory

The dissipating artificial light and it impact on the atmosphere are studied here. Scientists assume that in a few years, due to the increasing night lightning, we will be unable to observe some stars and even see the Milky Way. Although, according to observatory specialists, this ecological disaster can be corrected by applying the right lanterns.

In a few days, the participants visited the Slovak Training Academy, where the future pilots are trained. Museum of Aircraft exists there, and aircrafts are even rehabilitated.

Slovak Training Academy

During the Space Leaders School, demonstration has been prepared for students of how an aircraft is being manufactured at one of the largest enterprises involved in their construction.

The aircraft hand-made structural frame

We’ve been impressed that the entirely handmade steel birds exist. Such production looks like a construction kit for adults, which is to be assembled along several months. Of course, provided that a template has been developed beforehand. And if the plane is developed “from zero”, the production process will last over a year”, – the program participant Oleksandra Piletska shares her impressions.

Manual treatment of components

PS: Additional result of the project is the endorsement of an agreement signed with the State Technical University of Slovakia, which guarantees that our students and applicants mastering Slovak and German at B2 level could continue their Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, FREE in Ukraine, in Slovakia, as well as in Germany”, – said Vasyl Baytzym, the official coordinator of the event from the Ukrainian side.


By Anastasiia Kulinich

Source – Rayon.