Ukrainian and European teachers create joint projects

Ukraine joined eTwinning Plus program in 2013. This allows Ukrainian teachers to share their experiences with European colleagues, implement creative projects on various subjects. For students, it is a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, learn about the culture of other countries and make new friends.

In such projects, students improve the 21st  century skills: the ability of communicating in their native and foreign languages, mathematical knowledge and basic competences in the natural and technological industries, information and communication skills, the ability to learn, formulate social and civic proposals, develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills, understand specific features of different cultures. Teaching these skills to schoolchildren compiles the reform of the new Ukrainian school, which was commenced in September 2018.

The program provides teachers with the opportunity of incorporating the best practices of their European colleagues into their work, practicing English and other foreign languages, creating joint educational online projects and exchanging experience with European colleagues, as well as participating in training workshops. As a result, teachers create for schoolchildren projects attractive to be involved in; children are working in a team, making decisions, communicating with each other and studying other cultures.

On average, Ukrainian schools implement 200 to 800 projects over one year. Out of these, the Ukrainian eTwinning Plus team annually selects the top five, and two or three win the European phase of the eTwinning Prizes Event.

25-etwinning-7 Dec 2018-ukr.jpg

Project: The Piece Island

City: Kharkiv, school No. 91

Period: September 2018 – June 2019

About: development of the team cooperation skills amongst the 6th grade pupils from different countries 

According to the Ukrainian team of eTwinning Plus, this was the best project in October 2018. It was developed by school teachers from 9 countries: Italy, Turkey, Greece, Poland, France, Georgia, Estonia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Throughout the year, students communicated concerning everyday and cultural topics with their European peers on the eTwining online platform. Together they invented an island, where they determined rules for all inhabitants to assure peaceful life; they came up with a hymn and a flag. Children discussed the design of houses on the island, as well as the street names. They even held the island’s presidential elections, ahead of which candidates presented their programs and answered voters’ questions. Pupils actively shared their impressions on social networks.


Project: European Languages Day

City: Zaporizhzhia, the oblast’s lyceum with the enhanced military and physical education “Zashitnik”

Period: September – October 2018

About: Game-based English language team practice

According to the Ukrainian team of eTwinning Plus, this is the best project of September 2018. For seven weeks, students from six European countries prepared presentations of their projects in English. They created online and offline posters, prepared questions for each other – QR-games – about European languages and countries, encrypted them with a QR code, conducted online competitions, developed a game about sights, culture, traditions and languages of their countries using platform Taboo. All this time, students communicated and commented on the work in a special closed online space – Twinspace.


Source – newspaper “Sehodnia” (print version)