New Administrative Service Center officially opened in Sloviansk

On December 5, a new Administrative Service Center (ASC) was officially opened in Sloviansk (Donetsk Oblast) after a month-long operation in the test mode. The project’s total cost is US 510 thousand, including 88 thousand dollars paid from the local budget.

It is worth noting that we have provided not the 100% but only 80% of the required amount, because Sloviansk city administration allocated 20% to finance construction of this center, the best in the Donetsk Oblast. This money was to pay not just for the building’s renovation but also for personnel training. The staff of this ASC took an active part in training programs and visited similar institutions in other regions of Ukraine”, Annika Weidemann, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine said.

She continued that during the last two years, 14 similar ASCs have been opened in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts with the EU’s support. “As my colleague Helga Pender, Program Manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine says, these are her 14 children. Our assistance with establishing this ASC proves that we support decentralization reforms in Ukraine. We support local communities and the newly-established territorial communities to enable them to provide economic services and improve the wellbeing of their communities”, Mrs. Weidemann said.

She emphasized that Sloviansk ASC offers services to all categories of population. It has a wheelchair entrance ramp, and in addition, the center provides information not just in the Cyrillic script but also in Braille code for persons with impaired vision. “It also has the “ASC in a Cart” feature of providing services to people who cannot visit the center themselves. I am from Germany myself, and I have never seen such an “ASC in a Cart” in my country. So in this respect, you are ahead of us”, the EU representative stressed.

697893-48869-0The regional state administration also takes part in development of the ASC system in the region. “The European Union cannot always help. For instance, a similar center in Bakhmut (formerly Artemivsk – note) was built with the money provided from the regional budget”, Oleksandr Kuts, Chairman of Donetsk Oblast Military-Civilian Administration said.

According to Mr. Kuts, there are 29 ASCs presently operating in the Donetsk Oblast. How many more centers are going to be built would depend on design and the needs of communities. “Today, ASCs in Mariupol, Bakhmut and Kostiantynivka are in the design phase or under construction”, the governor specified.

People are happy. They come to just one place to get the services they need, and don’t have to go anywhere else. You come in, order a service, and some time later pick up the result. People are surprised at mobile ASCs. These centers come to their homes and offer the services people could not receive before”, Oleksandr Kuts said.

697893-48872-0Sloviansk Mayor Vadym Liakh points out that presently, ASCs are already providing 210 services. “About 30 online services are going to be added by the year’s end; people could order them over the Internet and visit a Center only to pick up the result. I think that in a month and a half, this administrative office will provide 250 services to our citizens. It won’t require additional financing, because part of the services are profit-generating. According to statistical data, our ASC brought some 3 million hryvnias in revenues to the city budget over the year, including 250 thousand hryvnias in the last month alone. We also expect to start, at the beginning of the next year, issuing national ID cards and international passports, reregistering motor vehicles and replacing driver’s licenses of old formats with the new one, all in this place. That’s what we’re currently working on”, the Mayor said.

Today is a very important day in Sloviansk’s life. You can see themselves the comfortable conditions and the latest technologies, which means that our city keeps up with the times, and therefore, the bar for these facilities has already been raised. Our next project, Transparent Office, should not be worse”, Vadym Liakh added.

After the opening ceremony, Head of Sloviansk ASC Anna Holovachenko led a tour of the administrative building. In the meantime, the center continued to operate in the normal mode, and specialists were receiving visitors as usual.

697893-48873-0As reported earlier, the ASC housed in the renovated building went operational in the test mode on 1 November. The Center provides services to residents of Sloviansk, the Sloviansk Raion and other areas of the Donetsk Oblast.

There are 29 ASCs operating in the Donetsk Oblast in total, including two newly-established (Shakhivska and Mykolaivska Unified Territorial Communities) and seven renovated (Druzhkivka, Dobropillia, Mariupol, Lyman, Novohrodivka, Yasynuvata Raion, Sloviansk) centers.

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