Ukraine’s first play space MYplay opens in Dnipro

On 11 August, the first innovative children’s space in Ukraine MYplay was opened in Dnipro. The newly-opened store not only sells cool gadgets and toys but offers the space to play with them.

“Our goal is to make it to the top 3 retailers selling children’s products. We want to expand and develop our business. Our project received support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and thanks to the SME support program EU4BUSINESS, we were able to devise our new mission and create, jointly with EBRD consultants, a new strategy and new brand that fully convey our idea. We want to bring joy to children. Happy children grow into happy and successful adults, and that’s the key message of our global mission”, Marina Fastovets, the chain’s lead marketing specialist says.

MYplay is the land of joy when everyone can find something to please one’s own heart. During the store opening ceremony, Informator talked to the team who worked on the project’s development. MIKKI, a chain of children’s product stores has done a complete rebranding. The MYplay store now occupies 412 sq.m, allocating substantial space for game and entertainment areas where both kids and adults could spend an interesting time.

“The program of grant support to consulting projects for small and medium-sized businesses covers all regions of Ukraine, including Dnipro. This program allows to provide efficient consulting support to SMEs in situations when an outside expert is needed to solve problems that hamper the company’s development or to implement strategic plans of expanding sales markets, entering new markets, launching new products, enhancing and improving the company’s performance, cutting costs and so on”, Timur Khalilov, a representative of the Kharkiv office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) says. “An important event took place today: our client, MIKKI has implemented a new strategy, opening a new MYplay store as part of this strategy. In our opinion, it was very impressive, and this project would help the company grow fast and achieve new heights”.

The opening ceremony offered interesting quests, a lot of games and the tastiest sweets. It was attended by Kateryna Slyvynska, a finalist of the TV show MasterChef. Children. The opening drew a huge crowd of kids and adults, who walked the spacious halls with wide-opened eyes and keen interest. Joyful music played at the entrance and inside the store, and all kids received balloons. Nobody was left without a smile!

“Today, there was a unique event for our city and country: we opened a unique space where you can not only buy toys but also play with them. We faced the choice of how we should move forward. We were an ordinary store, but we always wanted to make something bigger, so that not only parents but also children would want to visit us with pleasure. That’s why the key consumer of our chain is the child. We completely revamped the store, allocating substantial space for game and testing areas; the store has a stage, laser tunnel, the Teleport, game consoles, an area to watch cartoons and blogs. MYplay also offers a new product category: gadgets featuring robotics, game consoles, a quadcopter, smartwatches and other innovative products. Now, you can test any toy before buying it and decide which toy your child would like the most”, Palvo Ovchinnikov, the owner of MYplay chain says.

On 11 August, the first innovative children’s space in Ukraine MYplay was opened in Dnipro
At the entrance, all kids received balloons
The opening ceremony drew a huge crowd
Cotton candy is the best you can get in the childhood
Children were entertained by the store’s personnel
The store is located at 10 Voskresenska St
MYplay is the land of joy when everyone can not just find toys but do something to please one’s own heart
A space girl at the entrance to the Teleport
Many toys have already found their owners
Adults also wanted to touch everything
Everybody wanted to try VR goggles with a console
For parents, it is important that a toy is not just something to play with but something that helps a child develop

Maria Podolska

The article was originally published on Informator