How medicine is reviving in regions: the example of a unified territorial community in Chernihiv region

Decentralization allowed Koryukivka ATC in Chernihiv region to finally repair the district hospital, purchase equipment and arrange a children’s room. Four families of physicians have received housing for the first time in 11 years.

Had there been the image of an ideal doctor, he would’ve been a frontrunner in the contention. Just look at the photo: a movie star, right?

Serhii Myleiko is a surgeon from Koriukivky in the Chernihiv Oblast. In 2014-2015, during the most difficult period, he worked in the ATO area. Saving lives, providing medical treatment, helping…

Then, he returned to his hospital. As you know, small hospitals have a tight budget. And because of that, their premises are not exactly the way they really should be, they can hardly brag about decent equipment, and financing of something bigger than wages becomes a cosmic problem. And if you ask when doctors were provided with housing, they would just laugh at you.

But two years ago, everything began to change. In many respects, thanks to decentralization reform in Ukraine, actively supported by the EU since 2016. The support to this reform is provided via U-LEAD with Europe program offering the total of 102 million euros in assistance disbursable over four years (2016-2020). The reform allows local communities to develop and create better life around themselves.

A unified territorial community was established in the district center of Koriukivky. The hospital became able to renovate the premise, replace windows and repair the roof. But most importantly, new equipment was bought to provide medical treatment to the locals.

“Even the town itself looks more beautiful now”, Serhii says. “Our mayor heeds to the needs of people who live here, and the residents themselves become more actively involved in transformations. A lot of changes took place in the last couple of years”.

Take, for example, the initiative from Alternative NGO that proposed to create and equip a playroom in the hospital’s children’s department. The initiative found support from the local authorities and Slovianski Shpalery КФТП PJSC. Today, this room has already been opened; bright and comfortable furniture has been bought, along with children’s games.

In addition, sports projects for the youth are being implemented in Koriukivky: the town now has a new futsal field with artificial turf, the first (and so far the only) skating rink in the region, and a lawn tennis court has been opened this year.

Members of the community – local residents – care about public security: video surveillance systems have been installed, street illumination became functional.

And most importantly, thanks to the increasing local budget, four doctor families have received apartments in a new building, including Serhii Myleiko’s family.

The housing for medical workers has been allocated for the first time in the past 11 years. And today, it’s the best sign of caring about young specialists and encouraging them in communities.

In addition, doctor’s salaries began to grow. Although not that fast, the implementation of medical reform is underway.

“What’s important is that changes are already taking place”, Serhii Myleiko, a surgeon from Koriukivky says. “To be sure, a lot still needs to be done. And that’s what we’re doing right now”.

People like that and examples like that are very encouraging, right?

And he definitely could be a movie actor. Playing himself. Because life of every caring person is worth becoming a good story for history.

By Zoya Kazanzhy,
journalist, writer, communications advisor at E’COMM