Narkevychi ATC in Khmelnytskyi region as example of real opportunities

One positive story, which allows losing no faith in humanity. Snizhana Diachenko, not a police officer. And she never was. She is the head of the land department in the village council.

Why is Snizhana in a uniform? It is because she is the head of the public formation for the protection of the law and order Community and Order in Narkevychi ATC, which is in the Khmelnytsky region.

In this community, there are a lot of interesting things in general.

Let’s take, for example, security as well as the law and order. At the expense of the community, LED lighting was installed, and they began to install CCTV cameras in the most crowded places.

A year ago, they founded Community and Order NGO, which, together with the police, protects the law and order on a voluntary basis in the villages of the community.

From among the 16 settlements of the ATC, 11 have at least one representative in the organization. The ordinary villagers became the public patrols. They are authoritative in their environments and have an understanding that a decent and safe life depends heavily on them too.

They spent 80 thousand of the community’s money, which they used to sew the uniform, renovate the premises, and are going to occasionally reward voluntary assistants. Though, all people here work for free and they decided to protect the law and order for the sake of the public good. And this is really so, not just heroic words.

There are plans to buy a vehicle for patrolling, since the distance between villages is in some places up to 50 kilometers from end to end.

Snizhana says that public patrols are usually the first to come if there are domestic quarrels, if necessary, they can provide and they provide primary legal aid, conduct a lot of explanatory work.

“We are being criticized,” says Snizhana. “Mostly those who want to continue drinking alcohol in public places. We forbid, because it is illegal. And a bad example for teens. We have conflicts due to it. But we want to make the territories of our villages safe from all sides. We want to form a new culture.”

In general, among the most common “challenges” encountered by public patrols is drinking alcohol in public places, family quarrels and poaching.

However, due to the explanatory work and joint work of the district inspector, public patrols and labour inspector, the owners of the establishments and kiosks brought their activities in line with the legislation and employed their workers. This led to the legalization of entrepreneurship, creation of new jobs, increase in tax deductions to the budget of the community, shut down of illegal alcohol selling safes, etc.

Narkevychi ATC was founded three years ago. During this time, there appeared a municipal institution, namely the Primary Health Care Center; they are actively constructing the water pipes, and meanwhile, they are cleaning the wells, because the topic of water supply is quite urgent.

Due to the decentralization reform in Ukraine, which is actively supported by the EU through the U-LEAD with Europe Programme (the total amount of assistance for 4 years amounts to EUR 102 million), it was possible to receive funds for the creation of a center for the provision of administrative services.

And within the framework of co-financing from the budget of the community and the Council of Europe (UAH 350 thousand from each source), they have implemented an important project – they opened a bakery that provides bakery products to kindergartens and schools. 80 kinds of goods already available in the product range – from buns to croissants. The bakery was opened on the premises of the former school. But at first, everything was repaired and new technological equipment was purchased. Today, there are seven people at the bakery. For sure, they plan to expand and sell bread to stores.

The plans are also to create a dairy cooperative and a filling station.

Actually, when you see such examples, you once again realize that a lot of things are possible. And everything is real. If there is a desire and there are those who can not only take initiative but also assume responsibility.

By Zoya Kazanzhy, journalist, writer, E’COMM Agency Communications Advisor