Natural allies: how is the EU interacting with civil society in Ukraine?

Cooperation between the European Union and Ukrainian civil society is obvious needed in today’s complicated situation in Ukraine. What is the current state of affairs with this cooperation? What can serve as an example of good cooperation? What can be done better? Representatives of Ukrainian civil society and the EU share their views. Read more

Team Europe: a new initiative for cooperation with regional communities

The EU Delegation to Ukraine has launched a new project, called Team Europe, in Kharkiv and Odesa. This growing hub of experts is to strengthen the dialogue between the EU and Ukraine at regional level, out of the Kyiv capital area. Each city will have a group of experts to share information on the priority of the European integration reforms there. Team Europe will “integrate” events of the city, region or country into the European context, and lead a discussion about European values and EU assistance to Ukraine.

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“EU should link visa-free regime with anti-corruption reforms”

Recent polls show that about 60% of Ukrainian citizens are supportive of Ukraine’s integration into the EU. At the same time, there is some opposition to the pro-European reforms, especially as these reforms start to penetrate into system. This division was clear during the adoption of legislation on visa liberalisation. We discussed this collision and the differing perspectives on European integration with Iryna Bekeshkina, director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation. Read more

Сross-border programme accepting applications: grants of up to €250,000 available

Between February 4 and 16, potential applicants to an EU-funded programme on territorial cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus can attend information days held across Ukraine. The programme provides funding opportunities for cross-border projects jointly implemented by participants from Ukraine and Belarus. The deadline for proposals is April 19, 2016. Read more

Free trade and quotas: myths and reality

Envisaged by the Association Agreement export quotas for some Ukrainian products often become a subject of misinterpretation or speculations. Media lack awareness about the quota issue in the Association Agreement, and often interpret it as a limitation of Ukrainian export to the EU. The opponents of the Association Agreement with the EU, including Russian ones, used to speculate on this quite actively. Surprisingly similar sayings are now coming from some Ukrainian manufacturers. The EU Delegation to Ukraine made a detailed explanation what the quotas are really about.

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