Fighting Corruption Together

This new brochure of the EU Delegation offers an overview of the anti-corruption support to Ukraine

Combating corruption is one of the main challenges to Ukraine as well as the key to building an effective government that would serve the public and improve the people’s well-being. Ukraine’s success in this is especially important in view of the need to implement the Association Agreement, which requires a favorable businesses environment, integrity of the judiciary, and approximation of the Ukrainian legislation with the acquis.

For a long time, the European Union has been providing ongoing support to the Ukrainian government and civil society in implementing anti-corruption reforms. Many EU-funded target programs have been specifically designed for that purpose and several other programs include strong anti-corruption components.

This new brochure of the EU Delegation to Ukraine describes a few recent or ongoing projects. Among other things, this overview of the EU anti-corruption efforts suggests that the problem is universal. As such, it needs to be addressed in a comprehensive, consistent manner. This includes establishing new effective anti-corruption institutions, improving the legislation, strengthening public control and civil society participation, effective management of conflicts of interest, providing training to youth etc.