EU helps institution building reform in Eastern Partnership countries

intitution buildingHow can we best jointly encourage broad institutional reform among the EU neighbouring countries? This was the core question of the Nov. 8-9 Regional Conference on Institution Building in Kyiv.

Alexandru Albu, the EU Delegation’s head of Good Governance and Democratisation section, underlined the basic principles of civil service reform, saying that to better meet society’s demands, countries must have “a clear definition of the civil service scope, and a firmer limitation between political and administrative positions.” Mr. Albu also said it is important to “sufficiently protect civil servants from managerial discretion and unfair dismissal,” introduce an efficient system for merit-based recruitment and promotion, and a “fair and transparent salary system”.

institution building 2An important part of the Eastern Partnership is the investment of €173 million (for 2011-2013) by Comprehensive Institution Building (CIB) in six states, including over €43 million in Ukraine. Twinning projects also help improve Ukrainian institutions. Bringing together Ukrainian and EU civil servants, over 20 Twinning projects are currently running or being developed in the country. This represents almost 10 per cent of the more than 220 Twinning projects that have run in 12 neighbouring countries since 2004, half of them in the Eastern Partnership states.

In supporting reform, the Twinning programme helps bring Ukraine’s public administration closer to compliance with EU law and standards. According to Vyacheslav Tolkovanov, head of the National Agency on Civil Service and director of the Twinning Programme Administration Office, “Our shared goal is to enhance the quality of our public administration, strengthen our institutional capacity and raise the professional level of our civil service.”

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6th Annual regional conference on institution building / Шоста щорічна регіональна конференція з питань інституційної розбудовиThe opening of the conference / Відкриття конференціїУчасники конференції / Participants of the conferenceThe opening of the conference / Відкриття конференціїThe opening of the conference / Відкриття конференціїThe opening of the conference / Відкриття конференції
Press briefing / Прес-брифінгPress briefing / Прес-брифінгPress briefing / Прес-брифінгPress briefing / Прес-брифінгThe opening of the conference / Відкриття конференції