TEMPUS Strives for Long-lasting Results

TEMPUS has been active in Ukraine for almost 20 years

TEMPUS, the EU higher education programme, has been active in Ukraine for almost 20 years. Some of its projects were highlighted at the October 26 and 27 two-day international conference on the European integration of Ukrainian higher education in the context of the Bologna Process.

“Today we have gathered some of the most successful projects of the last 19 years, the results of which are still relevant today,” says Olena Orzhel, the National TEMPUS Office (NTO) monitoring manager. “If we talk about reforming the university management system, an important project was implemented by the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy to create a doctoral school,” she says.

Olena Orzhel, Ukraine’s National TEMPUS Office (NTO) monitoring manager

“A good example of public-private partnership is the Career and Employability Centre: News Services for Graduates projectof theNational Metallurgic Academy of Ukraine,” Ms. Orzhel says, adding that the Academy worked with the business sector to set up a regular “Career Day” and help find employment for the Academy’s graduates.

EU TEMPUS Coordinator Giulia Moro confirms the growing trend of academic-public partnerships. “Since 2008, the number of projects involving partnerships between these two sectors is growing… Today, representatives of the private sector presented their expectations of the new graduates, the brains and the future of the Ukrainian economy.”

Ms. Moro also noted a growing interest in the TEMPUS programme among Ukrainian universities and authorities. The Ministry of Education was involved in seven Structural Measures projects selected in the last round of the TEMPUS programme. This year, Ukraine has exceeded Russia in the number of project proposals it has submitted: over 160 in 2012. The EU has noted Ukraine’s potential and has increased its funding for 23 projects in 2012, ranging from €500,000 to €1.5 million each.

Giulia Moro, EU TEMPUS Coordinator

On October 22, the 23 new TEMPUS projects, representing 53 Ukrainian higher education institutions, met for the first time. Through this and future support and events, the National TEMPUS Office helps projects achieve long-lasting results. Thanks to TEMPUS and its Ukrainian office, Ukrainian universities have many goals for the next two to three years: 1) develop Bologna-style qualifications in informatics and management; 2) promote innovation in higher education; 3) improve efficiency of student services; 4) strengthen leadership potential among university leaders; 5) run integrated university management systems; and generally foster long-lasting independence in Ukraine’s higher education system.


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